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Maynard. The James Herbert Keenan Story. ON Stage. Maynard. Born April 17, 1964 to a Baptist family in Ravenna, Ohio Moved to Michigan at age eleven to live with his father. Joined the army this was in the early 1980s Attend the Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan. .

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The James Herbert Keenan


  • Born April 17, 1964 to a Baptist family in Ravenna, Ohio
  • Moved to Michigan at age eleven to live with his father.
  • Joined the army this was in the early 1980s
  • Attend the Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan.
career s
  • Pet store manager
  • Construction worker
    • This is where he made a lot of his contacts.
    • Meet Adam Jones
      • Suggested they start a band
      • Tool was then formed in 1990
tool as a band
Tool as a band
  • Band members
    • Maynard- Vocals
    • Jones- Guitar
    • Danny Carey- Drums
    • Paul D Amour- Bassist
  • Opiate first album
    • Promote Rage Against the Machines
  • Undertow second album
    • Went platinum
  • Enima third album
    • Double platinum
maynard s lifestyle
Maynard’s Lifestyle
  • Stay’s out of spot light
  • Police’s own house with paint ball gun
  • Stay’s out of the media
  • Doesn’t show his face
    • So people don’t recognize him
  • Unmarried
    • Has a son that he keeps out of the media.
three songs i chose
Three songs I chose
  • Sober
    • Written by Maynard
      • Album Undertow
  • The Pot
    • Written by Maynard
      • 10,000 Days Album
  • Weak and Powerless
    • Maynard’s side project band
  • 0-12 seconds guitar plays Melody There is also texture is apparent leading up to a change in the melody harmony starts
  • 13-52 Drums and second guitar play the harmony also form starts to show up in song. More harmony is evident
  • 52-131 first verse is song the harmony is established
  • 132-157 first choirs is song new rhythm is introduced
  • 158-203 the timbre changes and melody is reestablished to match beginning of song.
  • 204-207 Tempo speeds up briefly
  • 208-235 slow tempo with form in the music
  • 236-248 timber becomes harder and more meaning full to listener you feel as though the singer is more passionate about what he is singing.
  • 249-318 second chorus with louder timbre and harmony change
  • 319-333 guitars play a melody with extreme timbre
  • 334-352 singer whispers and Timber is low
  • 353-357 timber and texture change as singer sings louder
  • 358-430 Third choruses begins with loud melody and texture
  • 431-503 the form comes around from the beginning to end song.
  • 503-506 Three guitar notes to finish song like …
the pot
The Pot
  • 0-8 seconds the singer sing sonata form no accompaniment
  • 9-16 Guitar start to play the melody for song with light timber
  • 16-33 drums and one guitar play melody, and harmony
  • 34-45 second guitar starts to play adding to the texture of song
  • 45-106 second set of drums enter added even more texture and making up form, also singer is not singing.
  • 107-124 singer finishes first verse and melody starts to change for chorus
  • 125-214 choruses with new texture and slightly high timbre are introduced.
  • 215-225 Music play melody no singing texture returns lower with harmony
  • 226-311 second verse with new texture and same melody
  • 312-325 Music played with no singing slightly higher timber
  • 326-340 second choirs played same timber and melody as first
  • 341-412 Timber flows from low to medium level for this song and the texture and melody also change.
  • 413-421 Texture comes back down singer sings a few words quietly
  • 422-505 from is now evident for the entire song as well melody from beginning returns. No singing in this segment.
  • 506-605 third verse same texture melody and timber as other two signer screams for 5 seconds at the end.
weak and powerless
Weak and Powerless
  • 0-10 guitar opens up with melody
  • 10-17 two guitars play with harmony and texture
  • 18-55 first verse with lower timber and then higher at end with tempo speeding up.
  • 56-112 Music plays texture and forms no singing
  • 113-131 chorus is sang with new melody, timbre, and harmony
  • 132-158 the song seems to start over with all new melody and more upbeat tempo Timbre is low however.
  • 159-210 second verse is sang with beginning melody and texture
  • 211-252 second course enters and is longer than verse that wired to me
  • And that is how the song ends with the choirs.