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For Teacher information only

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For Teacher information only
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For Teacher information only

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  1. For Teacher information only These slides will show the teacher some example items or student projects that are discussed in this unit. This is to give the teacher a better understanding of the tasks discussed in this unit. Written by Barbara Mackessy

  2. Pockets on posters with A-Z, to do lists of careers A-Z, list goals from A-Z, list future options, etc., Students write on laminated note cards – can be erased and reused or student can use strips of construction paper left over from other projects.

  3. Pockets on posters for vocabulary reviews. Students create list of examples of the vocabulary terms for that week.

  4. Using library pockets create a board so the students can list items that go into each topic. My ten topic areas are personality, physical characteristics, skills, values, wants, needs, attitude, aptitude, interest, and abilities. Students work in pairs and make a list of the things that would fit in that area. They then circle the items that match themselves. This will need cards for wants, needs, social, economics, psychological, bills, etc.

  5. One side of the hallway outside of my room so that people can identify exactly what is taught in the class.

  6. Use the walls outside of the classroom to display student work samples with assignment commentaries.

  7. Hall display of sixth grade assignments so parents and student will preview the class material. Color coded yellow is 6th grade.

  8. Bins for sixth grade containing the yellow posters and 8th grade containing the blue posters. Keep all unit supplies together as a time management for the teacher.

  9. Organization tip: Homework assignments can be typed lamination and color coded to be put on the board. Keep them with the unit and use them over and over.

  10. Major due dates should be posted at all times. Put them on I-Parent, on your career website, and on a handout as the students enter the room. They should be in every student’s agenda after the first day of class. Students learn to set goals with a time line that must be met.

  11. Vocabulary word walls are color coded for each grade level.

  12. Class set of the A, B, C, D, cards for students to answer multiple choice question quickly. The teacher can actually see who is not understanding the material at any time during the class.

  13. Class sets of the true false cards so that all student can answer the questions at one time. Teacher can easily see if the same person is missing the questions.

  14. Use library pockets and create you own Jeopardy review game. Laminate the index cards and students can create the questions. The cards can be reused again and again.

  15. Collect books and sample items for student use when trying to identify jobs and careers.

  16. Collect samples and display for student use in looking at their futures.

  17. Always have review or last minute items ready to reinforce the day’s lesson.

  18. All tickets out the door are colored coded for grade levels too.

  19. The tasks demonstrated and mentioned in this presentation were created by Barbara Mackessy and are samples only I will be glad to explain or give additional information about any of the items shown. The samples of student work in this PowerPoint are for examples only. Please feel free to create and share your activities with the other Career Development teachers in Georgia. This presentation