The 18th Century Enlightenment
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The 18th Century Enlightenment. By: Luke Robbins, Isabel Leonard, and Sydney Weisbach. TIMELINE. ENLIGHTENMENT.

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The 18th Century Enlightenment

By: Luke Robbins, Isabel Leonard, and Sydney Weisbach


A philosophical movement of the 18th century that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms.


  • Started in France

  • Began in 1656

  • Intellectual thinkers that began to push people to think not of religion and superstition to rational thinking and questioning

  • Theory of Progress

John Locke

  • Two Treatises of Government

  • Natural Laws

  • Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Political Philosopher

John Locke

What he did, his effect on the enlightenment

Things that influenced the enlightenment

(did john locke invent natural law? Or Im not sure)


Beginning of the enlightenment
Beginning of The Enlightenment

  • Essay on Tolerance

  • The Glorious Revolution

  • William III and Mary II

Francois-Marie Arouet

  • Pen name is Voltaire

  • Individual Freedom

  • Against the Roman Catholic church and Christianity


Basically anything significant about him because he is like very important and stuff

Baron De Montesquieu

  • L’Esprit de Lois (1748)

  • Letters Persanes (Persian Letters)

Baron De montesquie

His ideas and the revolution

List of his works

Jean- Jaque Rousseau

  • Political Equality

  • The Social Contract

  • Popular Sovereignty/ Sovereignty

Adam Smith

  • Wealth of Nations

  • Laws of Supply and Demand

Mary Astell


Howshe influenced the Enlightenment

Effect on society

Mary Astell

  • Enlightenment Feminist

  • A Serious Proposal to The Ladies Part I and II

Mary Wollstonecraft

  • Philosopher and Feminist

  • A Vindication of Women’s Rights


  • The belief, based solely on reason, in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, and giving no supernatural revelation.