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Make your website’s Load time quicker

One of the most important considerations of building websites is to make sure they load quickly. There are some tips and tools to increase page loading times. To know more http://dotwebz.com/

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Make your website’s Load time quicker

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  1. Make your website’s Load time quicker

  2. A website should be very easy to access, only then more users will visit the website. The website should be very speedy. Every 1 second delay on a website will result in a -7% loss in conversions. Here we point out certain vital reasons why a website should have speed load time.

  3. Load Time - If a website doesn't load within 4 seconds, 1 of 4 users will depart right away.

  4. Mobile Phones - Over half of mobile devices anticipate websites to load as instantly as computers.

  5. Mobile Users - At present there are 4 billion mobile users. By 2016, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage.

  6. Errors & downtime - Below 50% of users would come back to a website where they have encountered an error or downtime.

  7. Waiting - 80% of shoppers disappointed with a website's running are less expected to purchase from the same site.

  8. Tittle-tattle - 44% of online shoppers will inform their friends regarding a terrible experience online, who will be less likely to shop on that website.

  9. Conversions - If a site makes 100,000 a day, you could be losing $2.5 million in sales every year.

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