mice superconducting solenoids status and update n.
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MICE Superconducting Solenoids: Status and Update PowerPoint Presentation
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MICE Superconducting Solenoids: Status and Update

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MICE Superconducting Solenoids: Status and Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Berkeley: M Green S Virostek M Zisman Harbin: H Pan X K Liu L Wang X L Guo H Wu A B Chen. MICE Superconducting Solenoids: Status and Update. RAL: T W Bradshaw M Courthold J Rochford M Hills D Baynham Oxford: J Cobb W Lau S Yang.

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mice superconducting solenoids status and update


M Green

S Virostek

M Zisman



XK Liu

L Wang

XL Guo


AB Chen

MICE Superconducting Solenoids: Status and Update


T W Bradshaw

M Courthold

J Rochford

M Hills

D Baynham


J Cobb

W Lau

S Yang

2010-06-08 MICE Superconducting Solenoids TWB.pptx

  • Brief overview of the magnet system
  • Status of the coils

Upstream on Beam Line (not part of cooling channel)

magnet positions
Magnet Positions

Position of the Magnets in the MICE Hall

decay solenoid
Decay Solenoid
  • Area 1.8x3.2mm2
  • Cu:Sc 3.5
  • Icritical 1000 A
  • Bcrit (from model) 5.9T
  • So Jcrit of superconductor 781A/mm2@ 5.9T and ~4.2K

Component of the beam line so not part of the MICE lattice

Installed in wall of MICE hall

Unusual in that is cooled with supercritical helium at 4.5K

Field 5T at 870A 1.1MJ

Solenoid in hall at PSI This was used on a muon channel at PSI and was operated from December 1974 until 2004

decay solenoid1
Decay Solenoid
  • 5T Superconducting Solenoid
  • 115mm bore, 5000mm length, constructed from 10 spools
  • Designed and built at the Paul ScherrerInstitut (PSI) in the 1970s
  • Cooled by supercritical helium gas to approx. 4.8K
  • Critical current at 4.8K = 1000A, require 870A for 5T
  • Requires approx. 23W of cooling power
decay solenoid2
Decay Solenoid
  • Transfer Line comprises 4 vacuum jacketed process lines (4K feed and return + 70K feed and return)
  • Many metres of ancillary pipework between cold box, decay solenoid and the gas panels
  • Buffer Tank stores the make-up gas required as liquid is formed in the magnet
  • Magnet Current provided by 4 large cables between the power supply on the north mezzanine and the magnet turret
decay solenoid3
Decay Solenoid
  • Part of the solenoid radioactive when supplied from PSI
  • Replaced “hot” outer nose
  • Work on plumbing, power supplies, quench detection ....
  • Refrigerator supplied from Linde
  • System worked well until we had the refrigerator serviced – leaks, gas purity etc....
  • ......but now back in operation
mice lattice
MICE Lattice


Absorber Focus Coil

Coupling Coil

Absorber Focus Coil


Coupling Coil

Absorber Focus Coil

Note – all magnets in lattice use closed cycle coolers for refrigeration

mice lattice1
MICE Lattice


spectrometer solenoid
Spectrometer Solenoid

This is the most complicated of the MICE coils


1 x centre coil

2 x end coils

2 x matching coils

spectrometer solenoid1
Spectrometer Solenoid

Magnet has been run at Wang NMR with training as follows 165, 219, 238, 253, 257 A (required current is 275A)

M2 coil open circuit between feed-through on the internal cryostat and the coil.

Magnet is now being disassembled and review board convened to assess the problems

The other spectrometer solenoid (#1!) is awaiting final assembly

This will cause a delay while the problems are being understood

absorber and focus coil
Absorber and Focus Coil

The Absorber and Focus Coil Solenoid consists of two coils on a bobbin

Has to accommodate the hydrogen absorber and safety windows

Closed cycle coolers used on both the magnet system and the hydrogen condensing system

absorber and focus coil1
Absorber and Focus Coil
  • Status
  • Completed reviews prior to manufacture
  • Thermal model
  • Mechanical issues around bobbin material and strength
  • Quench protection etc....
  • Just entering the manufacturing phase with the first coil to be wound in the next few weeks.
  • First delivery Jan 2011
  • Second delivery April/May 2011
  • Third ??? (required 2013)
coupling coils
Coupling Coils

In the process of manufacture by Harbin Institute of Cryogenics and Super Conductivity Technology under contract from Lawrence Berkeley

These will be integrated with 201MHz RF cavities to form the RFCC – RF coupling coil modules.

Length 285mm

Inner rad 750mm

Layers 96

Inductance 593 H

Current 210/198A

(flip/non flip)


Design complete

In manufacture

Because of large stray field position and orientation of HTS leads important – need to keep field // to the flat face of the conductor


The components of the MICE lattice and beam line are in various stages of manufacture and production

MICE – unusual for a particle physics experiment in that all the magnets are cooled by cryocoolers

Decay solenoid – in position and operational

Spectrometer solenoids – due early 2011 – on critical path

Absorber and focus coils – first one Jan 2011 (required Q3 for Step IV)

Coupling coils – required 2012 for Step V (with one rf module)