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IVAD & Private Networking. Integrated Voice and Data T1 - “IVAD”. Combines both voice and data traffic over a single T1 circuit, delivering a fully integrated communications platform for businesses.

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Integrated voice and data t1 ivad
Integrated Voice and Data T1 - “IVAD”

Combines both voice and data traffic over a single T1 circuit, delivering a fully integrated communications platform for businesses.

  • Integrated T1 Benefit - Offers cost savings in the way of service pricing, internal network support, service adds/changes, consolidated billing and support

Customer environment
Customer Environment

IVAD Target Customer

  • 10-100 employee business locations

  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

  • Branch Offices of Larger Corporations

Line side service
Line Side Service

12, 16, 20 or 24 Voice Channels

Available Features

  • Call Forward Universal

  • Call Forward, Busy & Don’t Answer

  • Call Waiting w/Cancel

  • Three Way Calling

  • Hunting - Directory Number & Multi-line

  • Caller ID Number ($5/line)

  • Caller ID Name & Number ($6/line)

  • Per Call Number Blocking

  • 976/900 Blocking

  • Voicemail*

IVAD Line Side Service Delivers POTS….

* Only In Select Markets

* Only In Select Markets

Line service applications
Line Service Applications

  • Generally smaller office environments

    • 10-25 users

    • Customer that need at least 12 voice lines and reliable high speed Internet access.

  • Receptionist or direct extensions for less than 25 users on incoming calls.

  • No oversubscription or DID numbers required for inbound calls.

  • Telephone equipment does not or will not accept trunk interfaces.

Line side network
Line Side Network

Internet or Private Network




Adtran Unit






DMS 500

G6 Voice Gateway

ATM Passport

Punchdown Block

Adtran 612 or 624 used for Line Side applications

Trunk side service
Trunk Side Service

  • Digital T1 & PRI

    • 12, 16, 20, 24--32 Voice Channels

      • 24-32 Voice Channels is only possible with combination of 24 digital channels and 1-8 analog lines

  • Analog Trunk

    • 12, 16, 20 or 24 Voice Channels

  • DID Number Translation

  • Account Codes

* Only In Select Markets

Trunk service applications
Trunk Service Applications

  • Generally larger office environments

    • 25-100 users

  • DID number assignment

    • Oversubscription for inbound voice traffic.

  • Key System/PBX accepts Digital T1, PRI or Analog Trunk interfaces.

  • May have a mix of digital and analog service requirements.

Trunk line network
Trunk & Line Network

Internet or Private Network




Adtran Unit

PBX or Key system






DMS 500

G6 Voice Gateway

ATM Passport


Punchdown Block

* Adtran 604/608 in Digital Trunk Applications. 624 in Analog Trunk applications

Ivad trunk digital t1
IVAD Trunk - Digital T1

  • Requires a Digital T1 Interface on customer telephone system.

  • All Channels are configured as DIOD

  • Allows for Inbound & Outbound ANI over T1 (additional charge)

Ivad trunk pri
IVAD Trunk - PRI

  • Ideal for customers that require true 64k throughput for Data/Video applications

    • Digital Data Service

  • May be required for customers that want Caller ID Name and Number delivery (additional MRC for Name delivery).

  • DID Billing Option

  • Two B Channel Transfer (TBCT)

  • Failsafe Option

* Caller ID w/Name and TBCT Require an SPR.

Ivad trunk analog did
IVAD Trunk - Analog DID

  • 12, 16, 20 or 24 lines

  • Suitable for customers that require DIDs with analog phone systems

  • Service is provisioned with:

    • Analog Trunk “DIDs” for Inbound (IB Only)

    • Analog Lines for Outbound (Can be 2-Way)

*Analog DIDs x Analog Lines (2 way)

Ivad trunk features
IVAD Trunk Features

Additional MRC options

  • Focal Port/Overtime

  • DID Number Translation

  • Account Codes

  • Fail Safe (PRI Only)

  • Inbound/Outbound ANI over T1

  • Caller ID Name (PRI only)

  • Voicemail - In select areas

  • Call Forward Universal

  • Call Forward Busy

  • Call Forward No Answer

  • Call Waiting

  • Cancel Call Waiting

  • Three Way Calling

  • Hunting - Directory # Hunt

  • Hunting - Multiline Hunting

Ivad features benefits
IVAD Features & Benefits

  • More efficient use of bandwidth

  • Voice traffic is always prioritized over data communications.

  • Customer may assign QoS to various data traffic

  • Services more conversations (up to 32) & better use of bandwidth

  • Single point of contact for voice and data services, billing, repair, maintenance and support

  • Highly scalable for growing business needs

  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation

  • Class of Service

  • Voice compression to 40K

  • Single Circuit

  • Up to 32 voice channels and up to 1.5 Mbps of data

Ivad private networking

2. Average-to-peak data needs are fully met

1. Voice lines consume minimal bandwidth

Results in fast data response time, happy employees & customers

Ivad voice extension
IVAD Voice Extension

Provides voice connectivity between two or more IVAD locations

Voice Extension Types

Tie Trunk

  • Ties two PBXs together

    Off Premises Extension (OPX)

  • Extension of PBX features from host to remote (non PBX) location

Voice extension guidelines
Voice Extension Guidelines

Tie Trunk

  • T1

    • 1-24 channels are available to serve as either Tie Trunk(s) or PSTN, but are static once assigned

  • PRI

    • All IVAD PRI lines are dedicated to Tie Trunk; Cannot split PRI between PSTN and tie lines; Min. 12 PRI Tie Trunk lines

    • Video Conferencing capability between locations


  • Multiple locations supportable from the host T1 location (cannot do OPX when PRI is at host)

  • Analog lines at 2nd location still available for PSTN calling

    Tie Trunk lines are uncompressed for Fax, Modem or Video calls unless otherwise specified

    OPX lines are compressed unless otherwise specified

Voice extension features benefits
Voice Extension Features & Benefits

  • Simple billing

  • Simple calling between offices

  • Decreased communications costs

  • Decreased communications costs

  • Get more value out of existing equipment

  • Allows equal services to be provided among offices

  • LD Aggregation

  • Extension dialing capabilities

  • No usage charges for calls between locations

  • Eliminates the need to purchase and/or maintain Key System/PBX at remote location

  • Provides the same functions as those in HQ

Voice extension tie trunk



Voice Extension (Tie Trunk)

DMS 500









ATM Passport

Voice extension opx



Voice Extension (OPX)



DMS 500


IVAD T1 Service





ATM Passport


Tie trunk applications
Tie Trunk - Applications

  • Derco Fine Jewelers, San Francisco

  • Customer wanted to improve communication between the two store locations with 4-digit dialing

  • Solution: IVAD at each location with Tie Trunk. Enabled customer to reduce usage expense and allowed for 4 digit dialing capability

Ivad private networking

OPX - Applications

  • OPX allows customers to accomplish such applications as the following:

    • Customers with satellite offices that don’t want to purchase and/or maintain Key System/PBX

    • Want their employees to have the same functions as those in HQ

    • Reduce costs of communicating between satellite offices and HQ

Voice extension pricing
Voice Extension Pricing

  • MRC/Voice Channel (1-24)

    • After 8 VCs, total cost is the same (8 VCs is same price as 24)

    • MRC depends on IntraLATA vs. InterLATA connection between locations

Private networking definition
Private Networking - Definition

Private Networking (PN) provides businesses the ability to securely exchange data among multiple locations

  • Access Options

    • IVAD

    • T1

    • NxT1

    • DS3/OC3

    • Frame Relay

Pn features benefits
PN Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility to have multiple service options over single circuit

  • Bandwidth on Demand

  • Personalized treatment of traffic according to your needs

  • Your data stays safe

  • No need to maintain costly dedicated data network connectivity between offices

  • May be provided in addition to or in place of Internet access

  • PVC Bursting options

  • Multiple Classes of Service to prioritize voice, private data and Internet services

  • Inherently secure

  • Uses existing office link

Pn customer applications
PN Customer Applications

  • Businesses that need to securely exchange data between various locations

  • Data bandwidth requirement for at least 256k and up to 45Mbps

Pn pricing
PN Pricing

  • NRCs

    • Circuit install (IVAD, T1, DS3)

    • Managed Router install - Included with IVAD

  • MRCsAll MRC charges are optional, except for access circuit.

    • Access Circuit (IVAD, T1, DS3)-Included with IVAD

    • PN PVC Fee (per PVC) - Varies by 1) Bandwidth amount 2) If connection crosses LATA boundaries and 3) Class of Service

    • Internet PVC Fee (per PVC) - Included with IVAD

    • PVC Bursting - Based on commit Level and usage

    • Managed CPE Services Fee - Included with IVAD

Ivad installation
IVAD Installation

  • Wholesaler: The two common responsibilities that define a wholesaler are that they bill the end user for the IVAD service and they take tier 1 support issues. Broadwing is responsible for provisioning, installing, and providing tier 2 & above support.

  • Sales Agent: An Agent is simply responsible for selling the service. Focal is responsible for everything else.

  • Standard Delivery Time: Within 30 days

  • Process: Broadwing coordinates installation with the end user. The end user will likely receive a phone call from the loop provider (e.g. Verizon, SBC) informing them that they are doing some wiring work on day X. After the local loop is accepted, Broadwing will then call the customer and schedule a technician to install the IVAD service. This will include connecting the T1 to the IAD, and installing & providing connectivity to a 66 punch down block if required.

Ivad installation cont
IVAD Installation (Cont.)

  • End User Obligations: The End User is responsible for providing their own PC/desktop and LAN support as well as coordinating the connectivity of their end-user voice and data CPE to the Integrated Access Device (IAD). End User is also responsible for providing uninterrupted AC power to the IAD.

  • Focal Responsibilities

    • Data Services: Broadwing’s responsibility ends at the Ethernet port on the LAN-side of the IAD.

    • Line Side Voice Service: Broadwing will also install a punchdown block for two-wire voice line termination (where applicable), and terminate the lines from the IAD to the block. The customer is responsible for the proper connections on the other side of the block to the telephone stations.

    • Trunk Side Voice Service: Broadwing’s responsibility ends at the RJ45 port on the IAD

Ivad installation cont1
IVAD Installation (Cont.)

  • Service Activation and Billing: Billing will begin when the Customer’s circuit is tested and operational, and available for use based on the following criteria:

    • Internet connectivity through Broadwing’s Network has been established

    • Customer receives local dial tone from the voice switch;

  • Miscellaneous: Broadwing will implement the Service utilizing standard IP configurations (static routing) and activate the Network Address Translation on the IAD. Proper configuration within the Integrated Access Device (IAD) is critical to the performance of Service provided by Broadwing.