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Bowl Advertising

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Bowl Advertising
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  1. Bowl Advertising “The Super Bowl is one time when viewers focus on ads. Everybody talks about them.” Larry Weber Josh Hayden Jason Craig Ronnie Jacko

  2. Designing the Message For the first time in 2007, fans were able to get in on the action by pitching, writing and producing Super Bowl ad spots. Chevy, the NFL and Doritos all featured fan-generated commercials. From a marketing standpoint, these contests generated extra attention to the brands before, during and after the Super Bowl. Doritos created even more buzz by hosting the contest on Yahoo! Video (where many of the brand’s target market hang out) and allowing their consumers to vote for the winning entry.

  3. Designing the Message - Dale Backus and Wes Phillips co-created the winning "Crash the Super Bowl" Doritos commercial." Live the Flavor" aired early in the first quarter. Kristen Dehnert’s runner up, "Check Out Girl" aired during second quarter. - Katie Crabb, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee student, won the Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge with her "Car Wash" entry. - Gino Bona’s pitch for "Hard to Say Goodbye," aired at the two minute warning, won NFL’s "Pitch Us Your Idea for the Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously." contest.

  4. Designing the Message Some Common Approaches: • Lifestyle • Fantasy • Humorous • Slice-of-life • Mood/Image

  5. Media Alternatives (Selecting the Media to Use) Television is, obviously, the primary source for commercials. However, some bright companies, what with the advent and perpetual progression of technology (and the internet in particular) have begun capitalizing on new strategies: • Commercials that directly advertise company Websites have become common in recent years. • Some ads passively flash the brand’s Website on the screen during or at the end of the spot. • Others, such as Snickers, encourage you to visit the Website for more information or to interact with the brand.

  6. Supporting the Community While using marketing and advertising resources to support the “greater good” may lose revenue time, the image left in consumer’s minds makes for solid public relations. This year the NFL, CBS Cares, the Bears’ Lovey Smith and Colts’ Tony Dungy donated time (and lost advertising revenue for the network) to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. The NFL also donated a 10 second spot encouraging viewers to volunteer at That 10-second spot would ordinarily cost about one million dollars. This is Tony Dungy. Woo.

  7. Creativity: Worth It? Creative Ads should seek to: • Attract attention and retain attention. • Achieve the objective of the advertising strategy. • Avoid errors, especially legal ones. Key is to be creative but not controversial

  8. Selecting Advertising Objectives Strengthen store’s image or reputation Cultivate new customers Retain your present customers Make consumers think of you first when a need for your products occurs, especially if they are not commonly purchased

  9. Factors to consider • Sponsorship Sells • There were at least 15 sponsors for this years Superbowl • Some video coverage provided by Budweiser • Built Ford Tough Kickoff Show • The Pepsi Halftime Show • Blockbuster Total Access Halftime Show Report • the game's Cadillac Super Bowl MVP, which was presented during the Cadillac Super Bowl Today Post Game Show • Type of product being sold (biggest advertiser in 2005-Anheuser Busch -- 300 seconds or 10-:30 spots) • CompetitionCoca Cola: 133 seconds • Ford: 120 seconds • Size of trading area (reaches over 40% of all U.S. households)(40% of those viewers are female)

  10. Budgeting For a Super Bowl ad Much more expensive Year Ad Cost(30Seconds) U.S. T.V. Audience Ad Cost per viewer 1967 42,000 40,000,000 0.0011 1969 67,500 60,000,000 0.0011 1984 450,000 110,000,000 0.0041 1985 500,000 110,000,000 0.0045 1995 1,000,000 120,000,000 0.0083 1999 1,600,000 128,000,000 0.0125 2000 2,100,000 134,000,000 0.0157 2004 2,250,000 144,000,000 0.0156 2005 2,400,000 134,000,000 0.0179 2006 Ad Cost: $2.5 million for :30

  11. Super Bowl Promoted movies

  12. Scheduling of Advertising

  13. Evaluating the Results Ineffective advertising is due to. . . Advertising not creative or appealing Advertising not giving all the information needed Advertisement not directed at the proper target market (biggest advertiser in 2005-Anheuser Busch)

  14. Evaluating the Results - The top at-home American party event of the year, surpassing even New Year’s Eve - 2nd largest U.S. food consumption day behind only Thanksgiving - Audience in America is 140 million viewers (worldwide audience 1 billion) - Movies being promoted during Super Bowl make more money at the box office than those that don’t

  15. Evaluating the Results

  16. A Final Statistic • 58% of respondents in a Feb. 2005 poll talked more about the ads than the game . . . seems pretty effective to us.

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