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The Apple Cloud An Executive Summary PowerPoint Presentation
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The Apple Cloud An Executive Summary

The Apple Cloud An Executive Summary

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The Apple Cloud An Executive Summary

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  1. The Apple CloudAn Executive Summary

  2. The Goal: Host as many of our users’ core data and apps as possible to create the best mobile experience possible.

  3. Differentiate via apps seamlessly integrated across devices

  4. Re-think • Every major web app works GREAT on iPhone / iPad • Discontinue investment in Mail service • Invest very seriously in storage and data center technology • Refocus on differentiated arenas (Safety, Security, Family)

  5. Search? Maps? iDisk? Re-organize & Re-Brand Media iPhoto (Gallery), iMovie, iDVD, iWeb GarageBand Communications Mail (,, Contacts, iCal (Calendar), Safety & Security Find My Phone, ???

  6. iTunes Mail App Store Browse Contacts ID & Ph. #0 Calling Maps & Location Search SMS iBookstore Apple’s Mobile / Cloud Product

  7. Three models • Where we shouldn’t fight: Mail / Search (for now on both) • Current battles: ID, address book, calendar, photos, documents, … • New battles (security, privacy, family) Always battle to work great where we lose the battle. Exchange and mail are the models. Contacts and calendar are where we have it wrong.

  8. Points to make • The cloud is winning (Billy and Lala. Once you go you never go back) • But technology doesn’t matter as much as data does. So storage key. Moving data sucks for us but more for the user. • Storage cost gap is huge and growing with GOOG. • The cloud is perfect for us, exactly the opposite of iWork web logic. • Our users are on PC’s. We need Apple experiences for them and the web gives us that opportunity (another reason it is perfect for us)

  9. Apple is THE Mobile Company

  10. Amazing, Innovative Products

  11. Amazing User Experiences:Simple, Seamless, Beautiful

  12. Hardware Local Software Cloud Software + + Seamless Experience

  13. “Holding the internet in your hands”Goes Beyond Browsing…

  14. Client Apps vs Web Apps vs Cloud Apps Data and Logic Data Logic Logic Data

  15. Each is the right choice at times:But…

  16. Cloud apps create truly seamless integration across devices

  17. For a developer, Cloud Apps are: • Simpler • Easier to develop • Easier to update and maintain • Easier to keep consistent across platforms • Easier to split into re-usable front-end and back-end components

  18. For the consumer, Cloud Apps • Never require install or update • Give identical experiences everywhere • Are available any time you are connected

  19. Example: Lala

  20. Why an Apple Cloud? Because the owner of a cloud service can make it work BETTER on their device

  21. The Ultimate Opportunity Apple devices from Mac to iPhone to iPad are simply better at the web.

  22. Which Fight?

  23. Why cede the cloud advantage ?

  24. The Goal: 100% of Apple users use Apple cloud

  25. Recommendation • Invest in cloud expertise and infrastructure as key ingredients to mobile success • Focus on iLife as the key brand for seamless experiences across all devices • Invest / promote product categories where Apple can dominate • Re-organize to bring product teams together to develop those experiences

  26. Apple’s Cloud Today

  27. Apple’s Cloud

  28. MM Quotes • I can't stress enough that MobileMe is failing me because I'm not willing to do what it's asked, which is to leave behind my other web-based services from Google and Flickr. • I find it inconceivable that anyone who has used other web mail clients such as gmail, yahoo, or msn, would say that MobileMe's email client is great. In fact, I'd say it's about the worst of the webmail clients I know of. Note I'm only talking about the web interface, not using MobileMe as an IMAP or POP server with a desktop client, which works fine. • In short, I'd be perfectly happy to pay $100 a year for over-the-air syncing if MobileMe allowed me to use other services than those from But that's not what they're selling, so I'll just have to go without. • Ultimate verdict? Great for some people, but that body of people is rather wee. • MobileMe = Sync = Dumb Google = Cloud = Smart • I am too far deep into MobileMe to feel like I could get out, but if i were just starting out I would go with Google.

  29. At the expense of this Favors This MobileMe All the while offering poor functionality, performance, and reliability, and at a price 20x the competion.

  30. Apple’s Cloud Investments today

  31. Detailed Proposal

  32. Own The Core • Build or buy key technologies and expertise • Ensure awesome experiences for all major web apps on Apple devices • Leverage strength in entertainment • Create new cloud product categories which are differentiated and valuable • Rebrand most products as part of iLife across devices • Deprecate MobileMe brand • Reorganize around key products

  33. Own core services and ensure that AppleID is central.

  34. The Core Contacts Browse ID & Ph. #0 Search Maps & Location

  35. Apple Search Web Search Devices

  36. Build or buy a scalable, cost effective storage solution.

  37. Investments • Storage • Data Centers • Search • Maps / Navigation • Web technologies / Scaling • Networking

  38. Ensure great experience for all key mobile apps on all Apple devices. gmail, ymail, gcal, etc.

  39. Leverage dominant position in music entertainment and mobile applications to drive adoption of Apple cloud.

  40. Create new Safety, Security, and Family product starting with Find My iPhone

  41. Focus on iLife as Apple’s key brand spanning devices. • Merge MM gallery into iPhoto. • Create new iLife Communications product and start with MobileMe’s calendar, contacts and • Add Safety, Security, and Family Include free and pay components as today.

  42. iTunes Mail App Store Browse Contacts ID & Ph. #0 Calling Maps & Location Search SMS iBookstore Apple’s Mobile / Cloud Product

  43. Reduce cost in MobileMe as much as possible…Milk the cow. $40 / Year --> $10 / Year

  44. Organization: Today Photos Mail Contacts Gallery Mail Contacts Calendar Find My Phone iDisk iPhoto Mail Contacts iCal

  45. The Apple Cloud

  46. iLife v.Cloud iPhoto/Gallery, iMovie, GargeBand, iWeb • Media: • Comms: • Safety, Security, and family • Contacts, Calendar, email • Find my iPhone, …

  47. iWork v.Cloud Gilligan + iDisk

  48. iLife Default (Free) • Push / Synced email from gmail, ymail, mobileme mail, etc. • Push / Sync’d calendaring via gcal, ycal, ical • Permanent cloud Address Book (forever) sync’d to Yahoo, gmail, etc. • Sync’d photos everywhere (Lo Res) • Cloud document storage up to X GB • Basic cloud iTunes (Lala) • Basic Find my phone (Definition TBD)

  49. iLife Premium ($100 / yr) • 40GB Disk Space • email address with unlimited storage [move to basic?] • Unified view of email inbox. Perhaps include messaging and voice as well? • Advanced Find My Phone (definition TBD) • Anti virus across devices • Limited free streaming (Lala) on iTunes • Discount on n Movies / Songs / TV shows (promotional) • Discount promo on applications • Free 1 year use of AppleNav (turnbyturn) • Family stuff: monitor phone usage, review email / sms, find your child

  50. Bring iWork to the web and use iDisk as the core storage mechanism. Kill both Office and Google docs.