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Mean/Aggressive Behavior Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Mean/Aggressive Behavior Presentation

Mean/Aggressive Behavior Presentation

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Mean/Aggressive Behavior Presentation

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  1. Mean/Aggressive Behavior Presentation Hanover-Horton High School 2012-13 Breaker

  2. Table Task At your table and as a group, develop a list of the most common forms of immature/inappropriate behavior that you see in a typical day Rank your list, starting with 1, from most observed to least observed Why are these behaviors accepted?

  3. Introduction Why this change? Preserve safety for all students Raise expectation for acceptable, mature behavior Most students will not be affected by this new policy because you already do the right things and treat others respectfully State of Michigan Law

  4. Definitions Bullying – a form of aggression that is intentional, repeated, and involves an imbalance of power between the people involved. Bullying can take the form of a look, gesture, word, or action. Mean/Aggressive Behavior – any (intentional or unintentional) mean look, gesture, word, or action that hurts a person’s body, feelings, friendships, reputation, or property.

  5. Survey Results Recent survey taken last year Results show areas of concerns Validate the mean/aggressive behavior that exists in our school

  6. Levels of Behavior Level 1: Horseplay (goofing around, pushing, shoving, grabbing, tripping, jumping on). Rude gestures. Gossiping. Intimidating stares. Mean faces. Laughing at someone, not with someone. Distracting behavior directed at other students. Level 2: Teasing behaviors that would hurt the feelings of others, include but not limited to: “just kidding” behaviors, laughing at someone, gossiping, insulting remarks, mimicking someone, spreading rumors, mean notes, taunting, playing mean tricks, name-calling, yelling at someone, staring at someone.

  7. Behaviors cont. Level 3: Moderate Intimidation: Planned exclusion, silent treatment, social alienation, emotional blackmail, electronic intimidation, retaliation, threatening to ruin friendships/reputation, mean prank (causing school-wide humiliation). Moderate Physical Contact/Horseplay that looks like aggression to onlookers (pushing, shoving, grabbing, tripping, jumping on, hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pinching, shouldering, play fighting, throwing objects at others in an attempt to hurt or control others). Obscene Gestures/Swearing: Directed at someone and appears aggressive in nature. False Reporting of Aggressive Behavior

  8. Behaviors cont. Level 4: Refusal or Defiant Behavior Directed Towards an Adult (arguing, back talking, refusing to follow directions, using inappropriate language, walking away while staff is talking to the student). Threats: Vandalism/Graffiti/Minor Property Damage Retaliation for Reporting

  9. Behaviors cont. Level 5: Extortion/Blackmail Severe Intimidation/Harassment/Threat: Includes racial, ethnic, sexual and/or religious. Severe Physical Contact: Punching, kicking, fighting, slapping, biting, spitting, and similar behaviors that are used to injure others. Stealing/Severe Property Damage

  10. Examples of Behavior Volunteers needed for this activity What level would this be?

  11. New Forms New Referral Form One form for two different behavior systems Student Report Form Located in the office by the typewriter Completed form gets placed in the drop box by the typewriter

  12. Consequences 15 Second Intervention Time to Think Form Silent Supervised Lunch (SSL) SSLs will take the place of after-school suspensions for tardies Late to SSL results in another SSL ISS – a.m. or p.m. Not all day anymore Behavior Rubric explains consequence

  13. Bystander Effect Everyone at some point has been an ineffective bystander Hallways, lunch lines, lockers, etc. The Bystander Effect – Experiment Another Example of Poor Bystanders How to be a good bystander

  14. Where Do We Go From Here??? Acts of Heroism Become Positive Bystander You would want someone to help you Become a civil and respectful member of society Do the right thing and be a good kid…at all times!!! Raise level of behavioral expectation in school culture

  15. Questions???Misconceptions???