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Chapter 15 and 16

Chapter 15 and 16 . By Howard Mayo AP Modern European History Mount Airy High School. Final Jeopardy. The single largest free-trade area in Europe during the 18 th Century was who?. 100. Great Britain. 18 th Century. During the 18 th Century bread prices did what?. 200.

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Chapter 15 and 16

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  1. Chapter 15 and 16 By Howard Mayo AP Modern European History Mount Airy High School

  2. Final Jeopardy

  3. The single largest free-trade area in Europe during the 18th Century was who? 100

  4. Great Britain 18th Century

  5. During the 18th Century bread prices did what? 200

  6. Slowly, but steadily rose 18th Century

  7. The economic basis of the Eighteenth-Century life was what? 300

  8. Land 18th Century

  9. Eighteenth-century Europeans enjoyed what right? 400

  10. Community Rights 18th Century

  11. In 18th Century Europe, the nobility consisted of approximately what percent of the total population? 500

  12. 1-5% 18th Century

  13. French nobles were divided between nobles of the “sword” and nobles of the what? 100

  14. “Robe” Countries

  15. The War of Jenkins’ Ear as fought by England to block incursions on British trade by whom? 200

  16. Spain Counties

  17. As a result of a scarcity of Labor, these nations were the first to quickly turn to the importation of African Slaves 300

  18. Spain and Portugal Countries

  19. A peninsulares refers to a person born in what country? 400

  20. Spain Countries

  21. The 19th Century carving of new empires saw new European settlements in such places as what? 500

  22. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Algeria Countries • BONUS

  23. In the 18th Century and thereafter, the Jewish population of Europe was concentrated in what countries? 1000

  24. Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine Countries

  25. His pamphlet “Common Sense” galvanized public opinion in favor of separation from Great Britain. Who is this man? 100

  26. Thomas Paine People

  27. Much credit for Britain’s victory in the Seven Years’ War should go to whom? 200

  28. William Pitt the Elder People

  29. He boasted of having won America on the plains of Germany. Who is he? 300

  30. William Pitt People

  31. Benjamin Franklin gained assistance against Britain from what countries? 400

  32. Spain and France BONUS People

  33. Maria Theresa’s great achievement was what? 800

  34. The preservation of the Hapsburg Empire as a major political power People

  35. Fredrick II and his invasion of Silesia offset the continental balance of power and did what? 500

  36. Shattered the Provisions of the Pragmatic Sanction People

  37. What industry pioneered the Industrial Revolution? 100

  38. Textile manufacturing Industries

  39. Factory production of purely cotton fabric was made possible by the invention of what? 200

  40. Water Frame Industries

  41. By the early 19th Century, the steam engine had become a prime mover for all of the following industries. What are they? 300

  42. Wagons, iron rails, ships, mining Industries

  43. The Industrial Revolution first came to what country? 400

  44. Great Britain Industries BONUS

  45. The largest single group in the 18th Century cities was who? 800

  46. Shop keepers, artisans, and wage earners Industries

  47. During the Industrial Revolution, consumption was not automatic so manufacturers did many things to sell their products, but they didn’t do what? 500

  48. Appeal to contemporary Christians to sell products to cleanse their outward appearance during services Industries

  49. In the years between 1600 and 1750, the cities that grew the most vigorously were which ones? 100

  50. Capitals and Ports Hodge Podge

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