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Authors. 20 Questions!. Who is the author of The First Seven Years?. Bernard Malamud. Who is the author of The Cold Equations?. Tom Godwin. Who is the author of The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant ?. W.D. Wetherell. Who is the author of The Book of Sand?. Jorge Luis Borges.

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20 Questions!

what was the setting of distillation

What was the setting of Distillation?

Chicago during the Great Depression

when an author uses clues that hint at what is going to happen later in a story

When an author uses clues that hint at what is going to happen later in a story?



The way a writer reveals him/herself by what people are like by telling about their speech, actions, appearance, etc.

Indirect characterization

sentences structure which is this although the cost was little the team paid the price
Sentences StructureWhich is this? Although the cost was little, the team paid the price.

Complex Sentence


Sentences StructureWhich is this?Even though the food was plentiful, the Pilgrims ate little venison, and the Indians ate only a little fish.


Sentences StructureWhich is this?Under the Tuscan moon the freedom fighter led his men to victory, and the Nazi tried to stop him.


that s all

That’s All!

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