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ICT: making a slideshow to provide evidence of Eco School Activities. Project Overview. Learning Areas. Levels. 10 to 12 years. Objectives. To use ICT to provide evidence to obtain Green Flag Status. Description.

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Presentation Transcript

ICT: making a slideshow to provide evidence of Eco School Activities

Project Overview

Learning Areas


10 to 12 years


To use ICT to provide evidence to obtain Green Flag Status


The children took photographs of Eco School Activities and made a slideshow to show to the Eco School Assessors. Green Flag status was achieved in September 2006.




P6/7 class Eco School Committee plus Mrs Ball, class teacher


Teaching Resources

  • Eco School Information Folder - provided by Eco Schools, Scotland
  • I-book
  • I-photo
  • Digital camera
  • Countryside Ranger - Leigh Shearer
  • Parental help - digging etc.!
  • Student Project Overview:
  • Over a period of two years the children took pictures of the progress made to improve the school grounds - this included constructing a marsh garden. They then added more pictures showing Eco School Activities and made a slideshow that they showed to the Eco School assessors. Green Flag status was obtained.

Teacher and School Information

Macmerry Primary School is a small, rural school with a total roll of around 100 children. There are 4 classes, and a nursery - a P1/2 class, a P2/3/4 class, a P4/5/6 class, and a P6/7 class. The P6/7 class worked on the project in this presentation and has 25 pupils, 9 in P6, 16 in P7.

Janette Ball

At Macmerry since January 2001

Responsibility for ICT within the school, delivery of ICT in-service within the school in response to the School Development Plan. She has also carried out peer training for neighbouring schools. She is part of the Virtual Advisory Service Pilot and has led the Eco School Meetings for the past three years - the school gained the Green Flag Award in September 2006.