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Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders

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Bridge Builders

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  1. Bridge Builders Creating Collaborations Between Student Affairs and Fundraising Emilie Cravens Dr. April Heiselt Mississippi State University 2012 SACSA Conference – Memphis, TN

  2. Introductions • Presenters: • Emilie Cravens- Masters student in the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology at Mississippi State University working toward a degree in Counselor Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs. • Dr. April Heiselt- Associate Professor in the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department at Mississippi State University. Dr. Heiselt's teaching emphasis is in Student Affairs in Higher Education. • Audience Members: • Tell us about yourselves. What are you hoping to learn from our presentation today?

  3. Student Affairs Fundraising Efforts • How many of you know the development plan for Student Affairs on your campus? • How many of you assist with these efforts? • How many of you know the fundraising goals for your Department of Student Affairs?

  4. Research Design • Population • 13 Student Affairs Development Officers at the public institutions in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) • Mixed Methods Data Collection • Quantitative – 33 question Internet survey via SurveyMonkey • 25 questions regarding the relationship and success of fundraising for the Department of Student Affairs • Qualitative – open-ended survey questions, document analysis • IRB approved

  5. Development and Student Affairs Website Review Questions • Reviewed the websites of 13 public institutions looking for the following • Was the development officer clearly identifiable? • Was the contact information correct for the development offices? • Did the Student Affairs Department website offer any information on how to give to student affairs departments?

  6. Development and Student Affairs Website Review Process • Searched websites for clearest path to donate to student affairs programs via both Foundation and Student Affairs’ websites • Contacted University Foundation main line when information was unclear • Read any information regarding donating to Student Affairs’ Departments

  7. Development and Student Affairs Website Review Results Pros Cons No identifiable Development Officer Unclear or incorrect information on how or where to give No knowledge or information on student affairs giving opportunities • Student Affairs sites with donation tabs • Clearly identifiable Student Affairs Development Officer • PDF Case statements or outlines of giving opportunities

  8. Website example

  9. Discussion Questions • How do you feel your department strategically uses the Student Affairs web site to better fundraising efforts? • What are the challenges (if any)? • How are you assessing the success of these efforts?

  10. Survey Participants • 61% participation (n=8) • Demographics • Race: 87.5% White; 12.5% Black or African-American • Age: 37.5% 31-35 years old, 12.5% 36-40 years old, 12.5% 52-56 years old, and 12.5% 57-64 years old • Years at higher education development • 62.5% had 4-6 years of experience • Years in at current institution • 50% 1-3 years; 25% 4-6 years

  11. Survey Results Assignment to Student Affairs Development • 100% of respondents said that they were the development officer specifically assigned to student affairs • 67.5% indicated others assisted in fundraising for Student Affairs • 7 respondents reported they are assigned full-time, 1 indicated ¾ time allocated to fundraising to student affairs

  12. Reported Funding Sources By rank order participants identified the following: • Private and individual donations was the highest source of funding • Grants from corporations, private foundations or individuals • Grants from federal, state, or local governments • No external funding • “Other” funding sources ranked fifth

  13. Communication Between Development Officers and Student Affairs • 100% agreed or strongly agreed the Development office and student affairs communicated effectively • 50% agreed there are challenges regarding control of fundraising efforts • 25% disagreed that thetwo departments have a high level of trust for each other

  14. Communication Between Development Officers and Student Affairs

  15. Discussion Questions • How is the overall communication with the development office on your campus? • What are some examples of successful communication? • Any challenges you have experienced?

  16. Joint Fundraising Efforts • 87.5% of development officers reported that student affairs and development offices should share fundraising responsibilities • 12.5% of development officers reported development officers should have sole responsibility of fundraising efforts

  17. Joint Fundraising Efforts • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that Student affairs offices provided opportunities for development officers to interact with current students. • “Development officers are given regular access to students. They are invited to strategic student events throughout the year.” • Students act as “Foundation Ambassadors” • “The Student Government allows us to participate in their meetings.” • “We have scholarship recipients meet with the donor and DO [Development Officer]each year.”

  18. Joint Fundraising Efforts • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that the student affairs office was supportive when the development office raises funds for student affairs programs/activities. • “Development office is provided with materials and the opportunity to interact with students.” • 12.5% strongly agreed and 75% agreed that student affairs and development offices collaborated to provide current students with opportunities to participate in institutional giving. • Student giving campaigns • Foundation Ambassadors

  19. Joint Fundraising Efforts • 75% agreed that student affairs staff encouraged efforts by the development staff to raise funds for their programs and services. • “[Student Affairs] provides needed materials and/or students to meet with potential donors. • 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the student affairs office routinely shared important fundraising information with the development office. • “I am employed by Student Affairs but have regular meetings with staff in the Development Office.”

  20. Joint Fundraising Efforts

  21. Joint Fundraising Efforts • What feedback or suggestions do you have for Student Affairs staff to better fundraising efforts for the Student Affairs division? “All staff need to understand the fundraising priorities of the division, particularly if a capital campaign in underway. Contact with donors needs to be limited to particular staff so that the message that is being presented in consistent and timely.”

  22. Discussion Questions • How do your departments partner with the development office to aid fundraising efforts? • What information would you like from the development office to help you better fundraising efforts for student affairs? • What types of fundraising opportunities do your departments offer undergraduate students?

  23. Participation in Fundraising Efforts • 37.5% disagreed that student affairs staff provided support for campus-wide fundraising efforts by providing staffing support at development office programs. • 37.5% disagreed that the development office partners with student affairs programs to promote institutional giving to undergraduate students.

  24. Invitations to Development Officers to Participate

  25. Student Affairs Participation in Development Office Events

  26. Discussion Questions • What types of development events do you attend? • Which student affairs events are attended most by your campus development officers?

  27. Overall Evaluation

  28. Implications Is it possible to effectively fundraise for student affairs divisions with the current staffing arrangements?

  29. Implications • What can we as student affairs professions do to better assist fundraising efforts? • Track student involvement and activities • Attend and assist development professionals at development office produced fundraising events • Better foster and promote a culture of institutional giving to undergraduate students • Capitalize on our ability to build relationships with students post graduation

  30. Discussion Questions • How do you see the future of fundraising in student affairs? • What steps do you feel student affairs professionals should take to assist in fundraising efforts?

  31. Questions?

  32. Contact Information • Emilie Cravens • Dr. April Heiselt