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3M Building Window Films

3M Building Window Films. Who we are. Diversified technology company $ 30.9 bn , more than 55,000 products, 8 8 ,000 employees Window Film business lies in the Renewable Energy Division of 3M Inventor of Window Films in 1966 #1 Window Film manufacturer globally. What we do.

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3M Building Window Films

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  1. 3M Building Window Films

  2. Who we are • Diversified technology company • $30.9 bn, more than 55,000 products, 88,000 employees • Window Film business lies in the Renewable Energy Division of 3M • Inventor of Window Films in 1966 • #1 Window Film manufacturer globally

  3. What we do First choice supplier of highly engineered and innovative solar control and safety & security window films… …which help solve glazing problems of glare, heat and fading whilst also helping reducing energy costs… …and protect people and assets from glass shatter, blast and other damage, either deliberate or accidental.

  4. 7 Wonders of Window Film • S – Safety & security • H – Heat gain reduction • A – Appearance • G – Glare reduction • P – Privacy • I – Insulation • F – Fade protection

  5. Solar control in focus • Energy conservation • Increased comfort • Fade reduction • Glare and reflection reduction

  6. 1. Energy conservation • Heating, air-con and lighting have significant impact on buildings running cost • Power and heating costs increasing • Thermal load of a building can increase up to 60% in the summer • 3M solar control film reduce solar heat gain by up to 77% • Significantly reduce dependency on air conditioning, heating, blinds and lighting

  7. 2. Increased comfort • Keeping a building comfortable difficult with sunlight and heat • 3M solar control films reduce heat of the sun resulting in greater occupant comfort • Ideal working environment is neither too hot nor too cold, with optimum use of natural lighting • For each degree above 24ºC, productivity is reduced by up to 5% • 3M solar control film allows you to create the optimal, comfortable environment

  8. 3. Fade protection • Ultra violet light responsible for the fading of colours and degeneration of materials • 3M solar control film reduces the damaging rays by up to 99.9%, substantially slowing down the fading process • 3M solar control films protect displays in shop windows, galleries, and furniture, prolonging life and vibrancy of your assets

  9. 4. Glare and reflection reduction • Working at a computer or watching a screen with light on the surface is frustrating • By significantly reducing glare, 3M solar control film reduces eyestrain • Because the use of metal is avoided in many of our films, they are barely visible with no unwanted internal or external reflection • Appearances left unchanged, building and views inside and out attractive as they were before

  10. 3M Solar Films

  11. Unprotected glass vs Window film applied glass

  12. 3M Solar Control Window Films • Prestige Series • Night Vision Series • Traditional Solar Series

  13. 3M Solar Films-Product Lines

  14. 3M Solar Films-Product Lines

  15. Energy Conservation:

  16. Market Facts

  17. Building Window Films Market Potential • Turkey Flat Glass Demand :1200MM sq feet • %87 of glass demand is for building applications • %60 of building glass applications is windows • %77 of building windows is clear . • Most of the building windows are double paned • (factors as 0.5 to window film applications) Market Universe = $ 362M Entitlement = 5% penetration $ 362M X 5% = $ 18M X0,5 X 1,5$/ sq feet 1200MM sq feet X 87% X 77% X 60%

  18. Country Competitive Landscape Building Film Market

  19. Market Analysis– Building Films Competitive strength Competitive weakness Portfolio Coverage

  20. Building Window Films Market Snapshot Company 1 Company 3 Smaller Players Company 2

  21. Way-to-market Strategy Building Window Films Residential Window Films Commercial Window Films • Smaller volume projects • Mainly end users go to distributors and demand 3M window film • Bigger volume projects • Architectural firms • Civil engineering firms • Shopping malls • Restaurants & Cafes

  22. Building Window Films Decision-making for different customer segments Why use building window films ? Prevent solar heat gain ; Decrease energy costs Prevent fading Shopping malls, plazas and hotels Shop displays A: Prestige Series B:Night Vision Series C:Silver20 PR 70 (High light transmission ratio)

  23. Our Case Study

  24. Innovation: Pipeline • What kind of additional benefits could be wanted in solar window films? Product Innovations? • Privacy? • More effectiveenergy conservation?:

  25. One Example

  26. Innovation: Other Applications • What kind of additional market segments could use solar window films? What kind of other applications could be done for energy conservation? • Public Opportunities: Smart buildings & Energy savings?

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