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3M A1

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  1. SGF-A1 Best Alternative for 3M-A1 Commercial Water Filter

  2. Swift Green Filters is a renowned brand in terms of water filtration products. It is a Canada based company that is well known for its services and products. We are providing best replacement for Refrigerator Filters, Commercial Filters, Under the Sink Water Filters and other filtration equipment. Presently, We are serving alternatives for all major brands. After exploring our brand in both Canada and the US we are looking forward to exploring it worldwide.


  4. About SGF-A1 The SGF-A1is designed to replace 3M-A1 Commercial Water Filter. It comes with a number of benefits and features through which one can easily carry it for home as well as for business. The reliable and long-lasting carbon material used in the product helps you deliver cleaner, clearer, consistent water and designed to treat with a wide variety of water problems such as Chloramines, bacteria, sediment, rust, dirt, and chlorine taste and odor.

  5. FEATURES OF SGF-A1 Industry Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard Best in Class and Technology 100% Eco-friendly Product American Made Quality

  6. How we are Green ? Swift Green Filters Feels Proud To Be The First Company To Introduce An Environmentally Friendly Filter Line. We use coconut husks to produce the activated carbon in the filters. Capable in Reduction of Pharmaceuticals, VOC,CTO and other impurities from water. Swift Green Filters is dedicated to crafting environmentally friendly solutions for providing Clean, healthy drinking water. Replacements available for no. of renowned brands.

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  8. 11938 Bridgeport Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1T2 604-214-4412