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North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference

North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference

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North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference

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  1. North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference March 25th, 2012 Carolyn Shannonhouse & Que Tucker

  2. Middle Schools Weight Room Procedures Practice Inappropriate Behavior Statement Bounce-back emails remain a problem UPDATE THE SCHOOL INFORMATION SHEET WHEN CHANGES OCCUR!!! General Items

  3. General Items, Cont. • Pre-Season Meetings • Mandated –allows for communication between athletic departments and parents • 2012-2013 Calendar: • Online • Set year in advance, • Exception is FB; every two years; will be presented this May • Should share during Pre-Season Meetings • COMMUNICATE (AP Testing, SAT/ACT Tests) • Mention at Pre-Season Meetings

  4. General Items, Cont. • Sanctioning • International teams • Interstate vs NFHS • NCHSAA Sanctioning • All-Star Games • Need to be legitimate • Information is on the parent page and sanctioning page • Must have completed eligibility in sport and cannot wear team uniform • Fund Raisers/Benefit Games • Players from the same high school; existing teams may not play an outside team; may not be coached by the coaching staff

  5. General Items, Cont. • NCHSAA Website • Is it user friendly? • Forms • Calendars • School Central • Does it work? • Parents Page • Does it work?

  6. General Items, Cont. • Weekly limitations: • Questions persist; varies by sport • Playing JV/Varsity on same day • Dressing and sitting on the bench • Suspended Contests • Do not count against weekly limitations

  7. General Items, Cont. • Exemplary School Award • Recognizes the overall top school in the state in terms of the total program • Academics • Athletic Success • Scope of Opportunities Offered • Sportsmanship • Community Interest and Involvement • Facilities

  8. General Items, Cont. • Sportsmanship Award • Recognizes a school that: • Is ejection free • Has a specific plan to promote and implement good sportsmanship • Is welcoming to visiting fans • Makes appropriate accommodations for officials • Own fans demonstrate good sportsmanship

  9. Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) Deadline for applications is April 1st Role of the Council NFHS Coaches Education Courses Required for non-faculty coaches? All Coaches? How many of you have taken courses? Require it for staff? Are you taking advantage of the programs and services? Student Services

  10. Sport Specific Items • Football: • 11 for 11 in 2012 • MUST drop one non-conference game if playing 11 games • 8-quarter rule • Limit of 12 different players per season per school

  11. Sport Specific Items • Swimming • Must pay officials; Need help with recruiting • If coaching swimmers from multiple schools, at all times swimmers must represent the school they attend • Can practice at same time; different lanes

  12. Sport Specific Items • Men’s Tennis • Individual Tennis Regional Entry Deadline • April 30th, 3:00 PM • Dual Team Reporting Deadline • April 30th, 6:00 AM • Golf/Tennis/Track • Amateur rule • Attached/Unattached • Split Squads, A/B Teams, JV/Varsity • Still Missing 2012 3A MidWest Men’s Golf Regional Site

  13. Sport Specific Items • Lacrosse • Deadline for reporting is May 2nd • Track: • Regional entries: April 28 (1A/2A); May 5 (3A/4A) • Softball: • Regional = best 2 of 3 series; start @ home of higher seed • State = best 2 of 3 series at Walnut Creek, Raleigh

  14. Sport Specific Items • Softball/Baseball • Grandfather Clause no longer applies • Levels the playing field with other sports • No longer same conditions as when implemented (Slow-pitch Softball; 1 American Legion Team, etc.) • Soccer • Fall 2013 Uniform Rule--solid white for home team • JV Impact • Escorts/Police Protection • Page 126 of NCHSAA Handbook

  15. Special Items • Gfeller-Waller Law and Concussion Act • Updates now on website • Sent to AD’s last week • Composite Teams—not allowed • Dead Periods: Definition • Why they exist • Coaching own child is permissible • Combines, Camps, Clinics • Weight Room/Conditioning is okay

  16. Board Meeting-Agenda Items • Wrestling • Request to add another type match during the week • Presently, 1 tri & 1 tournament in a week; asking for 1 tri w/ 1 multi-team event (individual or dual team format) • Request change from Jan. 1 to Dec. 25 for 2lb. growth • Basketball • Seeding process—continue or discontinue? • Many responses from NCBCA survey • 490 responses; 203 (41.3%) want predetermined bracket; 287 (58.5%) favor seeding, 173 of those want some tweaking

  17. Board Meeting-Agenda Items • Football • 2013 & 2014 football calendar will be approved • Requests from the Football Coaches Association: • Avoid the meeting of conference foes in 1st Round • Eliminate Pod System • Reinstate 12 weeks to play 11 games • Soccer • Consideration of a 9-goal differential “mercy rule” • At least one half should be played • At the half or at any time during second half, game ends

  18. Eligibility • Managers Situation: Basketball player failed 3 courses and is ineligible to play; can he be a manager? During practice, can he dress and work with the team during drills because one player is out sick? • Uniforms for Outside Participation Situation: I am participating in a local all-star game and want to wear my uniform since I am a senior. Legal?

  19. Eligibility, cont. • Out-of-State Students Situation: I live in Virginia and attend school A in NC. My mom is a teacher at school A. Am I eligible to play? • Local Promotion Standards at Mid-Year Situation: Student A is 8th grader during the fall semester; is sent to the high school at beginning of second semester. What is my promotion status? What if I fail 2 classes on the block and do not go to summer school? Am I eligible in August to play VB?

  20. Eligibility, cont. • Students Enrolled at Member Schools, but Playing on Outside School Team Situation: Student is enrolled in a member school that has football. However, student chooses to play for a non-member Christian/Private school. Is this permissible? • Previous Semester Academic Requirements Situation: Senior checks with counselor who says it is okay to take only 2 courses during the fall semester(on track to graduate) ; student passes both courses, enrolls in 2 courses 2nd semester and goes out for Lacrosse. Eligible or ineligible?

  21. Eligibility, cont. • Transfers Situation: Parents separated and daughter lives in LEA B with mom and plays volleyball for B, and decides to move to C to live with dad during volleyball season. Eligible?

  22. North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association Conference Thank you for your attention. If you have further questions, please give us a call!