valentine s day candy charades l.
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Valentine's Day Candy Charades

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Valentine's Day Candy Charades - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Play a game of charades using candy conversation hearts as the messages.

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valentine s day candy charades

Valentine's Day Candy Charades

Play a game of charades using candy conversation hearts as the messages.


Game MaterialsValentine's Day candy conversation hearts (BE MINE, COOL KID, LOVER BOY, KISS ME, MY GAL, etc.)


Game ObjectivePlay a game of charades using candy conversation hearts as the messages.


Game Preparation1. For this game to be effective, there must be quite a number of different conversation hearts to choose from. 2. Put all the candy in a bowl.


Game Play1. One person from a group picks out one of the candies from the bowl and, using the regular rules for Charades, tries to pantomime the message.


2. The person who correctly guesses the saying gets to eat that piece of candy. 3. It’s fun to watch the participants try to do phrases like LOVER BOY, KISS ME, and all the other crazy sayings found on the candy.


Game VariationUse different emotions for the items to be pantomimed. The person who guesses the emotion gets a point. Emotions that can be used are: anger, fear, happy, nervous, bored, bitter, overwhelmed, depressed, at peace, embarrassed, loved, proud, detached, shocked, hate, and finally, love


Game VariationIn larger groups you might give each person one of the above emotions. There should be at least two people that have each emotion. The objective will be to display the emotion until you find the other members of your group. When you think you have your partners/group have a seat. Continue until all groups are seated. Then have each group strike a pose of their emotion ending finally with that of love. What does love look like? What actions show love? How did you find your group? How do we find love?


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