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Young Farmer Visit

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Young Farmer Visit.

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young farmer visit

Young Farmer Visit

Melissa Henry came into our class and educated 5B and 6C about her life as a sheep farmer and competitor. We learned that Melissa Henry owns Corriedales and Cross breeds. She taught us that farmers have a big responsibility and play a very big part in our environment. She told us that she is part of lots of environmental health communities such as: Hawkesbury District Agricultural and Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of Australia (NSW) Inc.



Some other interesting facts that we learnt:

There are over 72 million sheep in the whole of Australia.

Merino wool produces the finest wool and crossed breed produces the thickest wool.

After the movie “Babe”, pork consumption decreased proving thatTVand movies really do have an influence on the viewers.

Planting trees makes the roots of other plants stronger and helps the environment.

what difference can you make to your environment
What difference can you make to your environment?

Some of the other things that we can do to improve the environment like Melissa is, we can be involved in committees and groups just like Melissa. We can help plant trees and help save the environment by looking after local rivers and dams. Melissa plants trees in areas that have no trees and she helps by donating and funding societies.

Even though there are some good things that we can do for the environment there are also some negative impacts that we have on the environment, such as:

Wasting water because that water comes from the dams that the animals drink from

Throwing rubbish on the ground can have a negative impact

The more buildings that we build, the less land space and vegetation there is for the animals and wildlife

When people drive there cars, fuel they use is polluting the air

Not planting as many trees as we possibly could.

some of the things we are doing to improve the condition of the environment
Some of the things we are doing to improve the condition of the environment.

Our school has helped the environment by planting gardens and using compost bins.

We recycle paper

Our school uses recycled water

We water the plants to keep them in good condition

We are aware of the impact that rubbish has on the environment and do not litter.