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ECCO / MOMW 資料庫教育訓練. 教育訓練及產品資訊 請洽 飛資得資訊 Tel: 26581258 E-mail: Eighteen Century Collection Online ECCO. 十八世紀經典古籍全文資料庫 The future of historical research. … in the 18th Century…. Do You Remember?

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Ecco momw

ECCO / MOMW 資料庫教育訓練

教育訓練及產品資訊 請洽 飛資得資訊

Tel: 26581258


Eighteen century collection online ecco

Eighteen Century Collection OnlineECCO


The future of historical research

In the 18th century
… in the 18th Century….

Do You Remember?

“科技革命到來之前, 十八世紀是歐洲最出思想的一百年!”

  • 18世紀, 美國人在萊克星頓打響第一槍, 長達八年的美國獨立戰爭開始了…

  • 18世紀, 巴黎人民起義, 攻佔巴士底獄, 法國革命爆發…

  • 18世紀, 瓦特發明了蒸氣機, 英國第一次工業革命開始…

  • 18世紀, 科學界出現了瓦特,拉瓦鍚, 拉格朗日, 泰勒 , 拉普拉斯.…

  • 18世紀, 誕生了啟蒙運動思想家伏爾泰, 盧梭, 狄德羅…

  • 18世紀, 還有經濟學家亞當.斯密; 哲學家大衛.休謨…

  • 18世紀, 莎士比亞文學正在整個歐洲盛行…

  • 18世紀,《魯濱遜漂流記》, 《佛蘭克林自傳》, 《喬治華聖頓遺囑》…

  • 18世紀,《分析力學》, 《百科全書》(法國), 《天體力學》…

  • 18世紀, ……………………………………

Eighteenth century collections online an eighteenth century revolution
Eighteenth Century Collections OnlineAn eighteenth-century revolution

  • ECCO (PSM Microfilm Collection)收錄來自於

    • ESTC-The English Short Title Catalogue

    • British Library

    • 另外收錄來自1,500 個圖書館的資源, 遍及全球包含公私立圖書館的收藏.

  • 包含了近代世界史中最重要的幾個事件:美國大革命, 法國革命及工業革命

  • 最大的單一數位圖書館 –

    • 收錄138,000 本書, 共計超過26,000,000 頁

    • 以書籍為主, 不包含期刊及報紙資訊

    • 原始的微捲片超過 – 15,225 reels

  • 學科包含研究如:歷史、文學、藝術、宗教、法律、科學及哲學等。

    • Avoids duplication with Early American Imprints (ReadEx)

Ecco s contents
ECCO’s Contents

科學, 自然科學 (8%) 11,398 種書

歷史, 地理 (8%) 11,298 種書

法律, 法令 (7%) 9,267 種書

文學, 語言 (26%) 35,473 種書

宗教, 哲學 (27%) 36,785 種書

參考書 (3%) 3,602 種書

藝術,社會科學 (22%) 30,259 種書

Ecco s contents subject areas
ECCO’s Contents – Subject Areas

Ecco s contents subject areas1
ECCO’s Contents – Subject Areas

Ecco momw

  • 多元化的檢索功能

    • 可利用多種檢索方式及瀏覽作品進行書的內容檢索,包含基本查詢、進階查詢、作品瀏覽及作者瀏覽

    • 頁面查詢工具,如前一頁、下一頁、相關頁,讀者還可以放大或者旋轉圖像

    • 多種檢索欄位:除書目資料外,還包含了書後索引及出版地等其他欄位檢索

    • 內容全文檢索:以HTML及影像檔的方式檢索及呈現全文內容,同可以將檢索關鍵字於全文中加以標示。

    • 圖片與全文分開處理,利用目次的方式呈現插圖的部份

    • 加值使用MARC Record,可轉入圖書館館藏目錄

  • 便利的全文顯示及相關文獻連結

    • 搜索結果可以按照作者、標題、最早及最近出版日期進行分類

    • 搜索結果不僅以簡略書目呈現,還標注了該標題是否有電子目錄(eTOC)或者插圖

    • 透過標題及目次的連結,讀者可以點選感興趣的章節,有插圖的可以直接進入相應的圖表

    • 每篇文章都有原頁碼和圖像編號,原著作後面的索引也可以使用

Ecco momw

  • 18th Century Short Story (Department of Foreign Language & Literature - National Cheng Kung University)

    Your search (Title=robinson crusoe) returned the following results.Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

  • Defoe, Daniel. An abridgement of the new Robinson Crusoe; an instructive and entertaining history, for the use of children of both sexes. Translated from the ... London, 1789. 184pp.

  • Defoe, Daniel. The exploits of Robinson Crusoe, mariner, of York. Exhibiting a concise and clear narrative of his living twenty-ight [sic] years in an ... [London?], [1790?]. 131pp.

Mapping ecco to curriculum english literature
Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – English (Literature)

  • English Literature Since 170

  • ENGL 3210 - British Literature to 1750

    Survey of major authors, themes, and movements from the medieval period through the 18th Century.

    Your search ((Author=Swift, Jonathan) AND (Title=Gulliver's Travels)) returned the following results: 42.

    Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

  • Swift, Jonathan. Travels into several remote nations of the world. In four parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, ... London, 1726. 332pp. Vol. 1 of 2 (2 vols. available).Literature and Language

  • Swift, Jonathan. The adventures of Capt. Gulliver, in a voyage to the islands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag. Abridged from the works of the celebrated Dean Swift. Darlington, 1773. 27pp. Literature and Language

  • Swift, Jonathan. The works of J. S, D.D, D.S.P.D. in four volumes. Containing, I. The author's miscellanies in prose. II. His poetical writings. III. The travels ... Dublin, 1735. 490pp. Vol. 2 of 4 (4 vols. available).Literature and Language

Mapping ecco to curriculum history
Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – History

  • Undergraduate programs(Department of History – National Chung Hsing University

    Ch’in and Han Dynasties, History of Sui, Tang And Five Dynasty, History of Ming and Ching, History of Contemporary China, Modern Chinese History, Modern World History, Medieval Western History, 16th-18th-Century Western History, Chinese Economic History, History of Chinese Diplomacy, History of Sino-Japanese Relations, The History of Chinese Arts, Modern Chinese Thought, History of Western Historiography, The Philosophy of History, 20th-Century American History, History of Taiwan, Modern History of Taiwan, Selected Readings in Chinese History, History of European Thought, Historical Documents and Books, Introduction to Archeology.

    Your search (Full Text=Western History) returned the following results.Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

  • Bell, John. Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia, to diverse parts of Asia. ... By John Bell, ... In two volumes. ... London [i.e. Edinburgh], 1764.

  • Camden, William. Britannia: or, a chorographical description of Great Britain and Ireland, ... Written in Latin by William Camden, ... The third edition. Illustrated with maps .. London, 1753.

Mapping ecco to curriculum philosophy
Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – Philosophy

  • PhD. Program in Western Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University)

    Your search (Author=Kant, Immanuel) returned the following results.Results limited to (Subject Areas=All).

  • Kant, Immanuel. The principles of critical philosophy, selected from the works of Emmanuel Kant ... and expounded by James Sigismund Beck ... Translated from the ... London [i.e. Hamburg?], 1797. 533pp. Religion and Philosophy

  • Kant, Immanuel. Essays and treatises on moral, political, and

    various philosophical subjects. By Emanuel Kant, ... from the

    German by the translator of The ... London [i.e. Hamburg?],

    1798-99. 439pp. Vol. 1 of 2 (2 vols. available).Religion and


Mapping ecco to curriculum fine arts
Mapping ECCO to Curriculum – Fine Arts


    In M402 we will explore the history of art music in Europe and the United States from the mid-eighteenth-century to the present. During the course you will become familiar with pieces from a variety of musical traditions over the past 250 years. We will study the pieces themselves as well as the historical circumstances in which they were created.

  • HA 265 Research Seminar in 18th Century Art: Comic and Satiric Art in 18th Century Britain.

    Will look at the development of comic art, particularly the satiric print, as a 'public' art form in Britain from 1700-1815. In the work of Hogarth, Gillray and others, we'll consider the theory and practice of caricature and the vexed relationship between 'high' and 'low' as artistic categories.

Fine arts popular song books
Fine Arts - Popular Song Books

The bull-finch. Being a choice collection of the newest and most favourite English songs which have been sett to music and sung at the public ... [London], [1769]. 424pp

Fine arts sheet music
Fine Arts - sheet Music

Scarlatti, Domenico. The beauties of Dominico Scarlatti. Selected from his suites de lecons, for the harpsichord or piano forte and revised with a variety of ... [London?], [1785?]. 32pp

Fine arts comic and satiric art
Fine Arts - Comic and Satiric Art

Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard). Eccentric excursions or, literary & pictorial sketches of countenance, character & country, in different parts of England & South Wales. ... London, 1796

A political and satirical history of the years 1756, 1757, 1758, 1759, and 1760, in a series of one hundred and four humourous and entertaining ... The fifth edition. London, [1763?]. 95pp

Ecco momw

Ecco momw
ECCO - 檢索主畫面說明



Ecco momw
ECCO – 基本檢索畫面及欄位說明






Ecco momw
ECCO – 檢索結果及功能說明



Infomarks 製作閱讀清單功能-直接連結書目或全文.

完整書目 | TOC | 圖表清單

Ecco momw
ECCO – 完整書目及全文及圖表目次


Ecco momw
ECCO – 完整書目及全文及圖表目次


Ecco momw
ECCO – 完整書目及全文及圖表目次


Ecco momw
ECCO – 書目全文及功能說明





Ecco momw
ECCO – 書目全文及功能說明


Highlight 檢索字串

Ecco momw
ECCO – 進階檢索畫面說明



Ecco momw
ECCO – 進階檢索限制條件設定


Ecco momw
ECCO – 作者瀏覽




Ecco momw
ECCO – 作品瀏覽




Ecco momw
ECCO – 檢索歷史

瀏覽 | 清除檢索歷史

Ecco momw
ECCO – 線上操作指引及檢索技巧說明


What is infomarks
What is Infomarks ?



Infomarks 製作閱讀清單功能

  • 閱讀清單 (Reading lists)

  • 課程閱讀清單 (Course packs)

  • 閱讀指引 (Study guides)

  • 特殊主題網站 (Special interest sites)

  • 書目 (Bibliographies)

  • 電子期刊名錄 (Electronic journalsdirectories)

  • 參考書目 (Reference/Citation)

  • 其他 (More ...)


步驟1 :透過marked works將讀者所需的書目加以記錄

步驟2 :複製以上URL,編輯於個人文件中,透過URL的點選即可使用

Ecco momw


步驟1 :複製以上URL,編輯於個人文件中,透過URL的點選即可使用

Ecco momw
ECCO 線上檢索實例

Search 1:Are there any autobiographical works of Benjamin Franklin in Eighteenth Century Collections Online? If so, how can they be retrieved?

Search 2:How can one retrieve writings in English (with illustrations) that discuss the French Revolution and were published between 1796 and 1799 (inclusively)?

Search 3: A user of Eighteenth Century Collections Online wanted to know how to get a list of all publications in the database by George Washington.

Search 4:How can one retrieve a list of books about the American Revolution?

Search 5:How can one find out if there are any works about Napoleon in Eighteenth Century Collections Online?

Ecco momw


  • 到館教育訓練

  • 遠端教育訓練

  • 產品資訊詢問

  • 如對Gale資料庫有相關疑問與意見

    請與飛資得資訊 聯絡

    Tel: 26581258