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AIM – SAA and AGIS . Net-Centric Demos. Navin Vembar Kevin Lew Joe Norton. May 26 th , 2010. SAA Modernization. Net-centric TIM Kevin Lew AIM May 26, 2010. Content. Introduction to SAAs Overview of the SAA System Approach Lessons Learned Next Steps. 4/1/2014.

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Aim saa and agis l.jpg


Net-Centric Demos

Navin Vembar

Kevin Lew

Joe Norton

May 26th, 2010

Saa modernization l.jpg

SAA Modernization

Net-centric TIM

Kevin Lew


May 26, 2010

Content l.jpg

Introduction to SAAs

Overview of the SAA System


Lessons Learned

Next Steps


Introduction to special activity airspaces saas l.jpg
Introduction to Special Activity Airspaces (SAAs)

Special Use Airspace (SUA)

Airspace in which activities must be confined or limitations may be imposed on aircraft, generally below en route airspace

Air Traffic Controlled Assigned Airspace (ATCAA)

En Route airspace analogous to SUAs

SAAs may depend on many other features

NAVAIDs, airports, runways, cities, other airspaces, geographic features or arbitrary points

Goals for the saa project l.jpg
Goals for the SAA Project

Define SUAs and ATCAAs in a consistent manner using an editing tool

Use a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to distribute that data to interested users

Manage the schedule and status of those airspaces through a SOA


The creator editor tool l.jpg
The Creator/Editor Tool

Allow a user to create and modify SAAs

SAAs defined using AIXM 5.0


The creator editor tool7 l.jpg
The Creator/Editor Tool

Carson MOA, NV

Boundaries. Beginning at lat. 40°06'00"N., long. 117°57'33"W.; to lat. 40°06'00"N., long.

118°15'04"W.; to lat. 39°57'00"N., long. 118°38'04"W.; to lat. 39°51'00"N., long.

118°38'04"W.; to lat. 40°01'00"N., long. 118°15'04"W.; thence to the point of beginning.

Altitudes. 500 feet AGL to but not including FL180.

Times of use. 0715-2330 daily; other times by NOTAM.

Controlling agency. FAA, Oakland ARTCC.

Using Agency. U.S. Navy, Commander, Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, NAS, Fallon, NV.

  • Generate the SUA 7400.8 legal definition from the AIXM definition


The creator editor tool8 l.jpg
The Creator/Editor Tool

Using Lucy and LuciadMap v9

This version has an extension to support for AIXM 5.0

Users of the first release are NFDC


Static repository l.jpg
Static Repository

Stores the static definitions of SAAs in AIXM 5.0

Notifies subscribers of new SAAs created and old SAAs updated

JMS pub/sub services

Provides the SAA definitions to users

SOAP request/response web services


Operational repository l.jpg
Operational Repository

Accepts schedule requests and airspace status changes

SOAP request/response web services

Distributes schedule and airspace status updates

JMS pub/sub services


Benefits l.jpg

One definitive source for SUA definitions

Currently there are multiple digital definitions for SUAs and none accurately represent the complete SUA legal definition

The AIXM definition of the SUA generates the legal definition

Provide an accurate picture of SAA utilization


Swim integration l.jpg
SWIM Integration

The SAA project is an FAA System Wide Information Management (SWIM) implementing program.

SWIM implementing programs use Progress FUSE products for their SOA infrastructure

ESB (based on Apache ServiceMix)

Message Broker (based on Apache ActiveMQ)

Services Framework (based on Apache CXF)

Mediation Router (based on Apache Camel)

Able to implement AIXM 5.0 services with FUSE ESB 4.2


Next steps for the saa project l.jpg
Next Steps for the SAA Project

  • Deploy the system this year

  • Add support for AIXM 5.1 for the second release

  • Have the Editor adopted earlier in the workflow of designing SAAs

    • Military use of the Editor to define SUAs

    • Implement the Review and Comment System for the back and forth dialogue and approvals of SAAs


Next steps for the saa project15 l.jpg
Next Steps for the SAA Project

  • Expand the consumers of the Operational Repository service

    • The Air Force’s Central Scheduling Enterprise (CSE)

    • Airlines

    • En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)

    • Federal NOTAM System (FNS)

  • Add other types of airspace in future releases

    • Altitude Reservations (AltRevs)

    • Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR)

  • Use Airports GIS for Airport data used in SAAs


Aixm operational perspectives l.jpg

AIXM Operational Perspectives

Airports GIS (AGIS)

2010 AIXM/WXXM Conference

Joseph Norton, CNA

April 1, 2014

Airports gis agis l.jpg
Airports GIS (AGIS)

  • Objectives

    • Create a single integrated web application for the collection of survey data

    • Establish guidance and standards for airport survey data collection

    • Promote productivity and fiscal responsibility

    • Improve existing programs – data-centric support for and production of digital products

    • Deliver static airport information through enterprise services

A collaborative partnership l.jpg
A Collaborative Partnership

  • Air Traffic Organization (ATO)

    • System engineering

    • Data management, processing, and distribution

  • Office of Airports (ARP)

    • Airport data collection and standards

    • Airport design, equipment, and operational standards

    • Certification and inspection of air carrier airports

  • National Geodetic Survey

    • Inter-agency agreement to perform Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)

Supporting nextgen objectives l.jpg
Supporting NextGen Objectives

  • Provide SWIM-compliant digital enterprise aeronautical information services to support shared situational awareness

  • NextGen operational improvements

    • Provide secure on-demand airport and constraint information

    • Provide consistent and managed airport data to airport users during airport operations

  • Surface situation information

  • Low visibility surface operations

  • Improve runway safety awareness for pilots and controllers

  • Surface traffic management

  • Improved management of arrival/surface/departure flow operation

High level operational concept l.jpg
High-Level Operational Concept

Digital Products


Airport Survey Data

AC 150/5300





Static Airport Data

  • OE/AAA

  • SDAT

  • SAA

  • FNS

  • NFPO

  • SWIM

  • TFDM

  • ERAM


  • TDDS

  • RTCA

Office of Airports


Airport Data Changes

Airports gis agis system l.jpg
Airports GIS (AGIS) System

  • Web application interface for survey data collection, GIS viewing, digital products, and airport data maintenance

  • SWIM compliant service interface based on OGC standards

  • Centralized database

Survey data collection l.jpg
Survey Data Collection

  • FAA Advisory Circulars 150/5300 Series

    • 16, Geodetic Control

    • 17, Imagery

    • 18, Survey Data Collection

  • Provide standardized data collection guidance and a common view of airport survey data

  • Current efforts to make data model more AIXM compliant

  • Current AGIS survey projects

    • 800+ airport surveys

    • 37 completed surveys (13 new surveys, 24 existing surveys) (as of May 3, 2010)

Data distribution using ogc web services l.jpg
Data Distribution using OGC Web Services

  • Data Layer

    • AIM database and external databases

  • Service Layer

    • Java-based GeoServer platform

    • Strictly adheres to OGC standards (e.g., WMS, WFS, WCS, KML)

  • Data Users

    • Data consumers/producers

    • Data stewardship

    • Custom adapters to support legacy systems

Aixm web services l.jpg
AIXM Web Services

  • Web Services

    • WSDL (Web Service Description Language)

    • REST (Representative State Transfer)

  • Currently, airport data is provided as AIXM 5.1

    • Approximately 800 airports – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

    • NASR data

    • Convert 3D to 2.5D

    • Simplified XLink – internally refer to gml:id

  • In the future, airport data will be provided through WFS (WFS 2.0)

    • Survey data will be integrated with NGA baseline data

Support tactical airport operations l.jpg
Support Tactical Airport Operations

  • Provide static airport configuration information to support operations in the Terminal and En Route environments

    • Airport/runway configurations

    • Taxiway routing

    • Airport base data for moving map displays

      • Airport Mapping Database (AMDB)

Integration with industry l.jpg
Integration with Industry

  • AMDB requirements

  • RTCA data link applications (DO-272) – performance and operations

    • D-(Aerodrome) NOTAMs

    • D-Taxi

    • D-Traffic

    • D-Lighting

  • Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC)

    • Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC)

Integration with federal notam system fns l.jpg
Integration with Federal NOTAM System (FNS)

Closure of TWY A between RWY 13/31 and Approach RWY End 22 at ACY

Integration with special activity airspace saa l.jpg
Integration with Special Activity Airspace (SAA)

Design of an SAA around a VORTAC near GRB

Status next steps l.jpg
Status & Next Steps

  • Prototype OGC and AIXM web services

  • Demonstrate enterprise airport data services (End June 2010)

  • Deliver digital airport information to support situational awareness – airport configuration (End September 2011)

  • Airport survey data collection

    • Support improvement of data standards, workflow, and automatic validation

    • Phase I (FY2009) – Southwest Region – 6 airports and ATL

    • Phase II (FY2010) – Remaining Regions – 30 airports

    • Phase III (FY2010–25) – Incremental projects

  • Electronic Airport Layout Plans (eALP)

    • Beta (CY10–11) and Release (CY12)

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information

Joseph Norton

Research Analyst

CNA Analysis & Solutions

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

(202) 580-7497

Airports GIS

Web Application –

Web Services –

Summary l.jpg

  • AGIS is a single access point for the collection of airport survey data; continually working to improve workflow and data standards

  • AGIS uses a data-centric approach to support the aeronautical community

    • Support distribution of airport data using a standardized format; ICAO and international standards – AIXM and OGC web services

    • Provide static airport data to support dynamic operational environment of NextGen – airport configuration, airport status, taxiway routing

  • Integrate with other FAA and AIM systems, and industry