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Container On Hold Labels PowerPoint Presentation
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Container On Hold Labels

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Container On Hold Labels
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Container On Hold Labels

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  2. Chemical Labels Our chemical labels help you protect your workforce from chemical hazards that can cause temporary illness, permanent injury, or even death.

  3. MSDS Labels We offer MSDS Labels which provide workers and emergency personnel with information and procedures for handling and working with hazardous chemicals.

  4. GHS Labels Our GHS Labels are a uniform labeling tool, used to convey information about each of the hazard classes and categories.

  5. NFPA Labels Great for providing clear information to the emergency responders, our NFPA labels offer help during a fire, chemical spills, and other emergencies.

  6. HazMat Labels Our HazMat Labels are supplied with acrylic adhesive. Labels stick easily to boxes, drums, and other containers.

  7. HMIS Labels HMIS Labels feature hazard ratings against color-coded bars. Our labels are ideal for hazard communication in a facility where chemicals are stored and used.

  8. Hazardous Waste Labels Our Hazardous Waste Labels ensure uniformity in labeling and marking of containers in accordance with the EPA regulations.

  9. Custom Chemical Labels We offer a huge range of customized Chemical Labels. Customize your own label for any chemical used in your facility. Through our customization wizard, you will be able to enter the chemical’s name, ratings, manufacturer, date and CAS number.

  10. Find all labels here We are the Web’s leading online supplier of ANSI chemical labels, HazCom labels, NFPA labels, Right to Know Labels, GHS Labels, OSHA labels, chemical safety labels, color bar labels, and hazardous waste labels.

  11. Assured Quality Most labels come with a write-on surface and self-lamination which provides extra protection to hand-written information on the label. There are no hidden costs for either customization or shipping. Shipping is done for free when orders are above $25.