Our family is growing!
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Our family is growing!. Green Team Growth. 96 Teams and 737 members!. New Green Teams of 2013. Hort Woods. Penn State Altoona DUS Advising. Dutton e-Education Institute. Outreach Building . Athletics. Green Planners. Sparks. Psychology Department. Penn State Altoona Earth Angels.

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Green team growth
Green Team Growth

96 Teams and 737 members!

New green teams of 2013
New Green Teams of 2013


Penn State Altoona DUS Advising

Dutton e-Education Institute

Outreach Building


Green Planners


Psychology Department

Penn State Altoona Earth Angels


Labor & Employment Relations

Sentencing Commission

Green Weavers

Learn Green

Where does your green team stand
Where does your Green Team Stand?

90% have support from their Supervisor

85% have identified their goals

40% have established communication systems

32% wrote a Mission Statement

Green paws growth
Green Paws Growth

93 Offices Registered and Participating!

Green paws growth1
Green Paws Growth

We’re Getting There!

Green teams and green paws unite
Green Teams and Green Paws:UNITE!

Dare to dream to be at 100%?



Take on a challenge
Take on a Challenge!

87% of participants found it easy to engage others!

84% of Green Team Members complete in the Holiday Shutdown!

56% of Green Team Members Complete in the 12% Challenge!

96% of participants are eager to try again next year!

What you like
What you like

After some surveying, we’ve found that Green Team Members, both at University Park and across the Commonwealth want to learn more about Recycling, Energy and Water.

Green teams with paws
Green Teams with Paws

Four of our units completed the Green Paws Program level 4! Educational Equity was the first to do this- making us and President Erickson proud!

Educational Equity Green Team

Green Teams with Paws

The Larson Institute, also known as the Gregarious Green Lions, completed Level 4 of Green Paws as well this year!

Gregarious Green Lions with Erik Foley

Around the commonwealth
Around the Commonwealth

On June 10, Penn State New Kensington’s Green Team set up a table at the Alcoa Green Fair to spread the word about sustainability!

Throughout the afternoon, they taught others about Green Paws, Green Teams, and how to participate in all the parts of sustainability at Penn State!

Composting conference
Composting Conference

Penn State New Kensington also hosted a Composting Conference this past April to inform others on how to get composting programs started, what can and cannot be composted, and more in order to get themselves closer to Zero Waste!

Doing it all
Doing it all!

Posting weekly "Green Minute Message & Photo" on electronic message boards on campus.

Implemented "energy saver button" project for all campus copiers.

Hosted a composting seminar with student Eco Club with nearly 30 campus/community members participating.

Sponsored an environmental photography exhibit

Co-sponsored Earth Day activities

Hosted Green Team meeting with lecturer Brandy Brooks, Boston-Metro West Regional Director for the Food Project

Worked with student marketing class who conducted research on signage and use of campus recycling bins.

Encouraged campus-wide participation in 12% Energy Challenge --- earned honorable mention.

Keep it up Penn State DuBois Green Team!

Outreach s earth day events
Outreach’s Earth Day events!

The Outreach Building Green Team held an Earth Day event for all of Innovation Park- with great activities, games, and chances to meet and mingle with the fellow Green Teamers!

Shaver s creek saves
Shaver’s Creek saves!

Shaver’s Creek, who is constantly striving to be more sustainable, has done it again and added even more energy saving appliances to their premises! By using ductless mini-splits, they are able to heat and cool their water in one machine- saving energy and money!

Energy reduction
Energy Reduction

The HUB Green Team has implemented an Appliance Policy for all Union and Student Activities Staff so that new appliances are energy efficient and used thoughtfully.

UHS has stopped the use of individual fridges- and rather uses 4 extra large fridges for the whole building, saving total energy and increasing the efficiencies of the fridges used!

New student orientation
New Student Orientation

“[We’ve put] ‘Landfillll - Are you sure?’ Stickers on every bag given to students attending New Student Orientation showing the recycling bins in the building and encouraging folks to join our efforts !”

HUB Green Team

At the Shenango Campus

“Creating a "paperless" orientation packet on USB drives for incoming students “

Bringing in others
Bringing in others!

“We expanded from a department only Green Team to a building Green Team by recruiting members from the other department…”

“…We also started collecting yogurt cups and beauty products for Terracycle brigades.”

School of Languages and Literatures Green Team

Smeal began their own no styrofoam campaign
Smeal began their own No Styrofoam Campaign!

With this simple sign, Smeal was able to stop

hundred of cups from life in a landfill!

Paper reduction
Paper Reduction

The Registrar’s Office Green Team has reduced their waste through use of recycled-content paper, printing on both sides, and using more electronic files than printed paper ones!

They saved $4,000 in one year!

Shenango hosted an earth fest for the beaver greater allegheny dubois behrend and fayette campuses
Shenango hosted an Earth Fest for the Beaver, Greater Allegheny, DuBois, Behrend, and Fayette Campuses!

It is everywhere
IT is everywhere!

To make and meet strategic and long-lasting goals, the IT Leadership Council formed the Sustainability Working Group to assess and implement best practices for printing, purchasing, data storage and other IT initiatives!

Strategic planning
Strategic Planning

These units have begun their own

Sustainability Strategic Plans!

Easy ways to increase your green team s efforts
Easy ways to increase your Green Team’s efforts!

Use rechargeable batteries!

Ask caterers not to bring new utensils-

or ask for compostable ones!

For food, make it local and organic!

Green teams are reaching others
Green Teams are reaching others!

And Reached over

3,000 Penn Staters

75% of teams organized formal programs

Energy reduction test – coming right up! Thursday, June 20th from 4 to 5pm

  • Paul Ruskin wants you to:

  • Flip the switch!

  • Unplug chargers

  • Shut the doors and windows when the AC is on (What, were you raised in a barn?)