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SOLAS Norway Data Management

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SOLAS Norway Data Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOLAS Norway Data Management. Benjamin Pfeil CARBOOCEAN /SOLAS Norway data manager Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research University of Bergen, Norway. Outline. Projects / scientists involved Working Groups Data Parameters. Projects National funding

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SOLAS Norway Data Management

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solas norway data management
SOLAS NorwayData Management

Benjamin PfeilCARBOOCEAN /SOLAS Norway data managerBjerknes Centre for Climate ResearchUniversity of Bergen, Norway

  • Projects / scientists involved
  • Working Groups
  • Data
  • Parameters


  • National funding
        • ECOBE - funding SAMI test on moorings
        • NORCLIM - Inventories and FOCUS 3 WG3
        • GFI-SUP - air - sea exchange
        • BCCR-SSF - station Mike, G.O. Sars, Mesocosms and C-modelling
        • GFI-KJOS - Overall support
        • Projects in IPY is starting now (BIAC)
        • International funding
        • CARBOOCEAN - Nuka, Trans Carrier, 75 North Section
        • COST-735 - Euro - SOLAS
        • New 2007? Ocean acidification proposal EPOCA
  • International activities
  • IPCC-report contributing on climate and C-cycle

People directly involved in SOLAS science:

Prof. Truls Johannessen, UoB-GFI-BCCR

Prof. Christoph Heinze, UoB-GFI-BCCR

Prof. Peter Haugan, UoB-GFI

Prof. Helge Drange, NERSC-UoB-GFI

Senior Engineer Craig Neill, BCCR-UOB-GFI

Research Scientist Richard Bellerby, BCCR-UoB-GFI

Research Scientist Alistar Jenkins, BCCR-UoB-GFI

Research Scientist Are Olsen, BCCR-UoB-GFI

Research Scientist Ingunn Skjelvan, BCCR-UoB-GFI

Research Scientist Yngve Børsheim, IMR

Post Dr. Karen Assman, BCCR-UoB-GFI

Post Dr. Abirahman S.M. Omar, UoB-GFI-BCCR

+ Dr. Students and master students

Data Manager: Benjamin Pfeil, CARBOOCEAN and SOLAS


Contributions to SOLAS science

WG by WG:

  • 1. Surface ocean systems VOS line data (continious measurements)
  • 2. Interior ocean carbon storage Repeated section 75 N (discrete measurements)
  • 3. Carbon cycle climate sensitivities and feedbacks Mesocosm experiments (experimental data)
current vos lines vos volunteer observing ships

G.O. Sars Data

Barents Sea, Nordic Seas, North Atlantic

Current VOS Lines(VOS = Volunteer Observing Ships)

Station M

Total: 28

data from discrete measurements
Data from discrete measurements

Repeated section 75 North


CaCO3 export productionData from Model output





ballast effect

Heinze, C., 2004, Simulating oceanic CaCO3 export production in the greenhouse, Geophysical Research Letters, 31, L16308

acidification feedbacks, A1B scenario:

less CaCO3 production ca. -20 ppm

and less particle ballast

ca. +20 ppm

compensate each other


vos line and other underway data
VOS line and other underway data

Data holdings from: Nuka Arctica, Trans Carrier and Norcliff VOS line

Plus additional underway measurements from various cruises (continious from R/V GO SARS)

Typical parameters:

data from discrete measurements bottle data
Data from discrete measurements (bottle data)
  • Repeated section 75 N

Typical parameters

Temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrients, TCO2, TALK, pH, CFC, SF6

mesocosm experiment data
Mesocosm experiment data
  • Various parameters (chemical, biological data)
all data
All data…

is archived in a World Data Center

is archived according to international agreements (agreement fromTsukuba 2004 (for carbon data), WOCE standards, etc)

is available via the dataportal