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Data Policy Norway Overview

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Data Policy Norway Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: Kari Strande/Laila Aslesen. Country: Norway. Data Policy Norway Overview. Organisational and fundamental aspects “White paper” on Norge Digital - under work “White paper” on merging real estate registry, registry on ground parcel, address and buildings, and parcel maps

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data policy norway overview

Name: Kari Strande/Laila Aslesen.

Country: Norway

Data Policy NorwayOverview
  • Organisational and fundamental aspects
    • “White paper” on Norge Digital - under work
    • “White paper” on merging real estate registry, registry on ground parcel, address and buildings, and parcel maps
    • Co-operation between government authorities, local authorities and utilities (GeoVEKST)
    • Democratisation and dialogue with citizens (AREALIS)
  • Access to information
    • Legislation
    • Data situation and technical access
  • e-government
    • e-Norge
data policy norway main principles
Data Policy Norway Main principles

Norge digital - an infrastructure for the entire societylocal - regional - national

Norge GI-digital will be a common database for everyone

Key data will be kept up to date continuously

Data will be accessible on the Internet

Norge GI-digital can only be realised in co-operation between the national and municipal authorities and the largest users

data policy norway gi infrastructure
  • “Norge Digital”: Policy on GI infrastructure
    • While we are waiting: statements in annual budget proposition to parliament
    • Primary uniform datasets for essential sea and land themes, to be used as a basis for digital and analogue products
    • Established and maintained through co-operation between governmental authorities, local authorities and utilities (GeoVEKST)
    • Continuously administrative reporting of information to the primary datasets, supplemented by periodic updates
      • Building permits, etc.
    • Updating through aggregation and generalisation
    • Private companies carry out actual data production - Public tender
    • Private companies deliver value added services, integration and consulting services based on licensed access to the infrastructure
it policy for municipalities

Municipalities and counties ought to take part in the development of national geographic information systems that can contribute to increased value for society. Establishment of such information systems must be based on agreements between municipalities and the national government where these are equal partners with equal rights to the use of data.

From the IT-policy of the Association of Municipalities

organizational and fundamental aspects
Organizational and fundamental aspects
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Norwegian Mapping Authority
      • Overall policies and guidelines
      • Data production : small to medium/large scale resolution
        • Specifications and control, some production on public tender
    • GeoVEKST
    • Many other data producers: public and private
    • Private companies, just formed GBL (Association of Enterprises in Geomatics)
organizational and fundamental aspects geovekst


Public Road Administration

Telenor (telecom)

Electricity companies


NSB (railways)

Norwegian Mapping Authority

GeoVEKST forum

All players represented

Policy issues, standard contracts, guidelines, etc.


Increasing co-operation between central and local government

Joint mapping following annual geodata plans

County geodata plans (4 years perspective)

Establish and update primary data according to Map Database Standard

Joint use of databases

NOK 114 million

Organizational and fundamental aspects - GeoVEKST
area information systems arealis

Environmental/resource data

Geographic information

Base map data


Aerial and

satellite photos


map data



Marine biology


Better area and resource planning











Soil types

Existing area plan

and preservation


Positioning data


Area Information Systems - Arealis
organizational and fundamental aspects8
Organizational and fundamental aspects
  • Legal framework, the most important acts:
    • Plan and Building Act - under revision
    • Land Division Act
      • Upcoming: Land Registration Act
    • Freedom of Information Legislation
    • Protection of Data Privacy Act
  • Funding
    • Governmental funding
    • ‘Joint ventures’ under the GeoVEKST co-operation
    • User Payment
    • Public-private-partnerships are being discussed, no large projects yet
access to information legislation
Access to information Legislation
  • Freedom of information legislation
    • Public information act
      • Rights of access to government information, from 1985 including computerised records
      • Exceptions need a reason - like privacy or commercial issues
    • White paper on access to public information
      • In principle free… But identify areas where it can be charged for
        • Where free information results in irrational use of resources
        • As part of business activities
  • Copyright Act (includes Database protection)
    • Government owns copyright and decide the policy
    • Some types of government information are exempted
access to information technical
Access to information; Technical
  • Access to information - meta data
    • “Geodatakatalogen for Norge” – 2nd version of catalogue service will open this summer
    • Full implementation of ISO 19115
    • Searchable through the clearinghouse concept
    • Access to information - reference data
    • Some small scale raster map free on Internet
    • Other data available for charge
    • Data content - see presentation GINIE WS1 NSDI: Norway