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Project / Study Group / RadWG. R2E Mitigation Project: Responsible of development and implementation of long-term R2E mitigation plan for the LHC accelerator

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Project study group radwg
Project / Study Group / RadWG

R2E Mitigation Project:

  • Responsible of development and implementation of long-term R2E mitigation plan for the LHC accelerator

  • Project decisions are taken by the project leader, strategic aspects are discussed in the committee (e.g., long-term solutions and requirements globally affecting the A&T sector),

  • Reports to the LMC

    R2E Study Group -> R2E Committee:

  • Long-term R2E goals aside the R2E Mitigation Project and with a longer mandate

    • CERN R2E Policy (A&T Sector)

    • R2E aspects also at other accelerators (present and future) and respective needs

  • Steering committee for strategic discussions concerning the R2E project

    • R2E Project meetings as membership strongly overlaps and only one meeting is kept

    • R2E project leader reports on the project status and might require endorsement of strategic decisions

  • Reports to the LMC

    Radiation Working Group:

  • Coordinates radiation test campaigns (CERN internal and external)

  • Forum for equipment owners (in the A&T sector) to discuss technical aspects related to radiation damage to electronics

    • currently focused on SEEs and electronics (as support for the R2E Project)

    • other aspects: cumulative damage, radiation damage to materials (e.g., cables), etc…

Project study group radwg1
Project / Study Group / RadWG

!!! arrows are LINKS not necessarily hierarchical structure !!!

LHC Machine Committee

R2E Mitigation Project

R2E Committee





Equipment Groups

Project Related Working Groups


A&T Installations


Electronics Policy


Mandate r2e project committee
Mandate R2E Project & Committee

“The R2E Committee assists the A&T sector with expert knowledge on radiation damage to electronics and all related aspects. It steers all R2E related working groups and shall define a global electronics policy. It reports to the LMC”

R2E Committee Responsibilities & Activities:

  • Development of a radiation policy for the accelerator sector (LHC, injectors and new projects)

  • Direct link with related R2E activities within the PH department

  • Advising and coordination role for all R2E related subjects and the Radiation Working Group

  • Radiation test facilities beyond the need of the R2E mitigation project

  • Discussion forum for the R2E project, committee meetings are at the same time project meetings

    “The R2E Mitigation Project decides on action priorities, assures a mitigation plan within the LHC planning constraints and steers all R2E mitigation actions. The project leader reports to the LMC.”

    R2E Mitigation Project Responsibilities & Activities:

  • Minimizing the risk of LHC failures caused by radiation effects on electronics installed in critical LHC areas

  • Development and implementation of a R2E mitigation plan coherent with the LHC schedule

  • Evaluation based on radiation monitoring and calculations

  • Study of patch-solutions and radiation tolerant developments

  • Support and review of R&D for radiation tolerant power-converters

  • Study, feasibility analysis and final proposal of long-term mitigation solution

  • Budget planning, steering and optimization of all mitigation actions

  • Radiation test facilities within the requirements of the R2E project (CNRAD, H4IRRAD)

    Linked Activities:

  • Collimation upgrade at IR3 (IR7->3 Move)

  • Superconducting Links R&D

  • New radiation test facility in the PS East-Area

R2e mitigation project roles deliverables
R2E Mitigation Project Roles & Deliverables


  • Assurance of global mitigation actions and their implementation within the LHC planning

  • Long-term solution for power-converters & evaluation of options

  • Support for all R2E activities linked to the R2E mitigation project and assurance of availability of requirements (e.g., test areas)

  • Project planning and coordination


  • Mitigation Plan & Required Documentation

  • Evaluation of Radiation Levels & Consequences

  • Decision on best long-term mitigation option

  • Implementation and review of mitigation actions

  • Availability of radiation facilities and radiation test support

  • Budget/resources/timing details & reporting

Monitoring calculations wg
Monitoring & Calculations WG


  • Early monitoring around the LHC critical (R2E) areas

  • Comparison (“benchmarking”) with expected radiation levels

  • Coordination of required R2E Monte-Carlo calculations

  • Improvements for the combined monitoring tool & related issues

  • Possible required improvements for monitor locations & numbers

  • Extrapolation towards nominal LHC operation

  • Development of a standardized reporting of radiation levels


  • RadMons: D. Kramer, G. Spiezia, K. Roeed

  • Ramses: S. Roesler

  • BLM: A. Nordt

  • TLDs: M. Brugger, A. Thornton

  • Monitoring Tool: M. Pinheiro

  • Data-Mining and Pre-Analysis: A. Thornton

  • Monte-Carlo Calculations: M. Calviani, K. Roeed, M. Brugger

  • Radiation Damage: K. Roeed

  • Operation: M. Pojer

  • R2E: Markus

  • Secretary: K. Roeed

  • Chair: M. Calviani

Project steering members
Project & Steering Members


  • Collimation: R. Assmann

  • Super-Conduction Links: A. Ballarino

  • Civil Engineering: J. Osborne

  • Consolidation: S. Baird

  • New Irradiation Facilities: L. Linsen


  • Planning: K. Foraz

  • Project Support: S. Weisz

  • Integration: A.L. Perrot

  • Radiation Working Group: G. Spiezia

  • Power-Converters: Y. Thurel

  • Monitoring & Calculations: M. Calviani

  • Operation: M. Pojer

  • Radiation Protection: S. Roesler

  • General Safety: C. Jach

  • R2E Study Group Chair: R. Losito

  • PH-ESE link: J. Christiansen

  • Scientific Secretary: M. Calviani

  • Project Assistant: L. Lari

  • Project Leader: M. Brugger


  • LMC: S. Myers

R2e mitigation project communication
R2E Mitigation Project (Communication)

R2E MitigationProject


S. WeiszK. ForazS. RoeslerC. Jach

S. Myers

M. Brugger

Radiation Testing

Monitoring & Calculations

Power Converters

Shielding & Relocation

Super Conducting Links


Test Facilities


Monitoring & Calculations WG:

MC Calculations

Monitoring & BenchmarkingRadiation Levels in Critical Areas

New-Irradiation Facilities WG:

PS East-Area Facility

ICL/LHC Planning:




  • Organization Planning


Radiation Tolerant Power-Converter WG:

R&D & ConceptDevelopment




R&D & TestsHor. SCLs

  • Vert. SCLs



Betatron @ Point-3


Failure Analysis Radiation TestsPatch Solutions & New DevelopmentsRadiation Policy

R. Assmann

A. Ballarino

A.L. PerrotY. Muttoni

M. Brugger-> G. Spiezia

Y. Thurel


L. Linssen

M. Calviani