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educational development plan human services n.
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Sara Watts
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Sara Watts

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  1. Educational Development Plan Human Services Sara Watts

  2. All About me • My name is Sara, I am 14 years old. My favorite color is purple. I have a laptop, iPod, and a touch screen phone. I have 2 dogs named Angel and Jack. I am an A and B student. I make Honor Roll all the time. I love to be around children, I was a kindergarten helper in 6th grade, it was so fun. Its fun to watch children get excited about learning something new. • Autobiography

  3. Philosophy • I believe in beauty is skin deep. Somebody can be pretty but if they have a bad attitude, their considered ugly to me. It doesn’t matter how a person looks, if they are nice, and caring to everyone and don’t judge, they are beautiful on the inside, they have a good heart.

  4. Resume • Resume

  5. School Work • English Paper 1 • Math Work • Career Ladder • 4 year plan EDP

  6. Future Goals • My Pathway is Human Services. It fits me good because I like to work with people, mostly kids. I can make a difference in a persons life by helping them. I want to work in Early Childhood Education. • I want to go to Baker College, I want an associates degree in Education and Human Service. • The cost of going to this college is about $8,700 a year. There is no room and board. Cost of the School

  7. Training and skills • The skills I have deal with children. I love kids and love spending time with them, I offer to babysit anytime someone asks. I am good with people also, I get along with everyone as well as I can. • I need to work on my social skills. I am good with people but I usually wait for them to ask me stuff, I need to be more direct with people. I should help people better understand stuff and help until they tell me their done.

  8. Accomplishments • Report Card • Student of the Month

  9. My personal page Welcome to my Wiki Page