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Packaging. Ag Processing. Early Packaging. Gourds Seashells Pottery Cloth Wood. Functions of the Package. Protection Communication between Processor and Consumer Nutritional Information Ingredients Recipes Marketing. Types of Containers. Primary

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Ag Processing

early packaging
Early Packaging
  • Gourds
  • Seashells
  • Pottery
  • Cloth
  • Wood
functions of the package
Functions of the Package
  • Protection
  • Communication between Processor and Consumer
    • Nutritional Information
    • Ingredients
    • Recipes
  • Marketing
types of containers
Types of Containers
  • Primary
    • Come in direct contact with the food
  • Secondary
    • Outter box or wrap that holds several secondary containers together
  • Tertiary
    • Group several secondary holders into shipping units
packing materials and forms
Packing Materials and Forms
  • Metal
  • Plant matter (paper and wood)
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Formed at the food processing factory or shipped with bottoms attatched and separate lids
  • Lids are later seamed onto the cans
can make up
Can Make-Up
  • Outside protected from rust by a thin layer of tin (.025% by weight)
  • Inside is protected by a thin layer of tin or baked-on enamel
  • Tin-free steel and thermoplastic adhesive-bonded seams have become more common to do away with solder and possible traces of lead in food.
  • Tin is used due to its lightweight, low levels of rust, recyclability, and ease of shipping
  • Chemically inert
  • Noncorrosive
  • Recylable
  • Reusable in the cases of home canning
  • Downfalls
    • Breakable
    • Recyling is not always easy
  • Must be treated, coated or laminated when used as a primary container
  • Paper that comes in contact with food must meet FDA standards for chemical purity
  • Paper used for milk cartons must come from sanitary virgin pulp
  • Major safety concern is papers puncturability that will allow for the outside environment to enter and contaminate the food
  • Popular
  • Copolymer plastics extend the range of useful food packaging applications
  • Ionomer plastic materials are improved food-handling materials that function under greater oil, grease, solvent resistance, and have a higher melting strength
  • Newer plastic materials contain cornstarch to make them more biodegradable
  • Made up of layers of different materials
  • Typically in this order
    • 1. Polyethylene
    • 2. Polyethylene
    • 3. Aluminum foil
    • 4. Polyethylene
    • 5. Paper
    • 6. Polyethylene
edible films
Edible Films
  • Used in sausage casings, breakfast cereal raisins and nuts
  • Edible wax films are also used on fresh vegetables to reduce mouisture loss and provide resistance to the growth of molds
packages with special features
Packages with Special Features
  • Freezable
  • Microwavable
  • Squeezable
  • Aseptic packaging
    • Sterile liquids that once packaged do not require refrigeration like fruit juices
  • Military Rations
environmental considerations
Environmental Considerations
  • Aluminum most recycled
  • Plastic
    • Type of plastic is identified within the recycling logo by numbers 1-7
      • Example: 1 refers to PET the plastic used to produce large 2-liter soda bottles
  • Important in all parts of the packaing industry due to environmental regulations
environmental considerations1
Environmental Considerations
packaging inovoations
Packaging Inovoations
  • More about convenience than costs
  • Ready-Made-Meals
  • Microwavable
  • Security
  • Consumer Quality


  • Modern food packages have many functions
    • Protection
    • Transportation
    • Communication with Consumers
    • Marketing
  • Take a potato chip out of a package and describe what it looks, feels and sounds like when broken. Taste it, what does it taste like?
  • Let a potato chip set outside the packaging over the long weekend, when we return on Monday look at the chip and describe it again. What does it look, feel and sound like when broken? Taste it, what does it taste like?
  • Compare the results and relate the differences in the potato chip from when you took it out to a few days later, to its packaging.