getting ready for advanced metering infrastructure l.
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Getting ready for Advanced Metering Infrastructure PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting ready for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

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Getting ready for Advanced Metering Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting ready for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Paper by : Rajesh Nimare Presented by : Prashant Sharma. AMI by definition. Infrastructure of metering systems Automates most of the metering centred repetitive activities

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getting ready for advanced metering infrastructure

Getting ready for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Paper by : Rajesh Nimare

Presented by : Prashant Sharma

ami by definition
AMI by definition
  • Infrastructure of metering systems
  • Automates most of the metering centred repetitive activities
  • Collects granular consumption data to deploy dynamic pricing mechanisms
  • New payment and customer service options
  • Control of electrical load control within the home and or businesses to improve system diversity
is ami same as amr
Is AMI same As AMR
  • AMR is primarily focused on the ability to collect data
  • Primary purpose of AMR systems is customer billing, and reduced costs of meter reading.
  • AMR systems typically comprise of static meters fitted with communication devices, communication network (media) as well as supporting software to manage the data.
  • AMI includes not only automated meter reading, but, a system that collects time-differentiated energy usage from advanced meters
  • The system is capable of providing usage information enables utilities to provide demand response products,
  • Customers participation.
  • AMI also supports additional features and functionality related to systems operation and customer service, e.g. outage management, connect/disconnect, customer load management etc.
  • In home Display
  • An advanced electricity meter,
  • A central back-end software system
  • Two way communication system
stake holder benefit
Stake holder benefit
  • Consumers to better manage their electricity use;
  • Electricity retailers to make innovative time-of-use price offers to suit consumers’ needs; and
  • Electricity distributors to better detect supply faults and respond to them more quickly.
  • Industry Benefits:
    • Carbon Credits
    • Catering to increasing demand with existing generation
smart meter
SMART meter
  • Record electricity consumption by the half hour;
  • Be remotely read so a meter reader does not have to visit your home or business;
  • Provide consumption and price information via an in-home display
  • Enable billing queries to be resolved quickly
  • Allow remote connection of your electricity
  • Help electricity distributor to detect and locate outages and restore supply more quickly; and
  • Monitor the quality of your electricity supply
programs using ami
Programs using AMI
  • Demand Response
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Critical Peak Pricing
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Emergency Demand Response
  • Economic Demand Response
planning ami deployment
Planning AMI Deployment
  • Identify the current challenges of your business process.
  • Identify the future challenges that your business, your customer and the society at large may encounter.
  • Remember, it is not easy to find “problem” or “inconvenience” or “sluggish system” if these have become a routine. Each business process: meter data collection, revenue collection and customer satisfaction should be challenged with efficient alternatives.
  • Define your AMI vision statement considering the current and future challenges
planning ami deployment13
Planning AMI deployment
  • Start with a pay-back analysis. Telescopically plan your AMI rollout keeping the most rewarding benefits in the first few phases.
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel; take suitable help from vendors and consultants as the cost of advice is insignificant in terms of benefits and avoiding rework.