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NAFEA CONFERENCE 2010. Snapshot of the Faculty of Health Science, UTAS Marnie Bower Faculty of Health Science Marcelle Lyons School of Nursing and Midwifery Michelle Horder GP MAGIC Project Jo Scales, School of Pharmacy Karla Peek University Department of Rural Health.

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nafea conference 2010


Snapshot of the Faculty of Health Science, UTAS

Marnie Bower

Faculty of Health Science

Marcelle Lyons

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Michelle Horder

GP MAGIC Project

Jo Scales,

School of Pharmacy

Karla Peek

University Department of Rural Health

Tasmanian Context

Organisational Structure


  • Cradle Coast
  • Launceston
  • Hobart
  • Sydney

Partners in Health

Faculty of Health Science Executive

Clinical Placements Strategic Development (CPSD) Program

Steering Committee

Student Placement Policy Committee


Data Working Group

Faculty Teaching & Learning Committee


Supervisor Working Group

Student Placement Administration Committee


Infrastructure Working Group

Faculty Simulation Interest Group


Committee Structure

Partners in Health (PiH)
  • Isthe strategic Partnership between DHHS and UTAS
  • Formed in 1998 to contribute to the strategic objectives of both parties in terms of health workforce, research and education
  • Fundamental principle is to work together to contribute to the health and well-being of the people of Tasmania through workforce education and development, quality service delivery and health research
Clinical Placement System Development (CPSD) Program


  • Delivering safe and high quality health care and training in a rapidly changing environment
  • Responding to pressures of increasing student numbers, challenging workforce issues and health reforms
  • Understanding better the synergies and balance between service and training needs and contexts
  • Building on and exploring further expansion of clinical placements in non-traditional teaching and learning environments
  • Linking funding opportunities and health service and training requirements – a systems and outcomes approach
Student Placement Policy Committee (SPCC)


  • Consider the different approaches adopted by the individual schools to the student placement process with a view to reaching agreement about common approaches
  • Identify and seek to resolve any issues which may arise in the instance of cross-discipline student placements,
  • Review and oversee the implementation of policies that relate to placements at a school, FHS and UTAS level and, where appropriate, develop new, uniform policies for consideration by Faculty Executive,
  • Play an active role in participating in the PiH CPSD Program and consider draft proposals,
  • Develop strategies to build capacity for all FHS students to gain workplace experience and/or clinical training,,
  • Receive and consider information from the Student Placement Administration Committee (SPAC), and
  • Liaise with other schools at UTAS who place students in external organisations with an aim of sharing innovative approaches and models of best practice.
Student Placement Administration Committee (SPAC)


  • Identify changes and additional features required for the SPMS,
  • Recommend upgrades to the system to the Faculty Manager,
  • Identify training needs for SPMS users,
  • Refer identified non-technical issues related to policies and procedures to the Student Placement Policy Committee, and
  • Be represented at the Student Placement Policy Committee.
Key Issues for Nursing


  • Student compliance with UTAS and FHS policies and procedure
  • Educate students regarding statewide placement rather than regional placement
  • Initiate and maintain personal contact with preceptors
  • Students’ fitness for practice and the impact on University/Agency relationships
Key Issues for Pharmacy

Key objectives

  • To deliver to our students the “best” possible placement experience with flexibility to meet the needs of individual requirements.
  • Respond to high demand locations and accommodation requirements with ballot systems in place for popular locations within Tasmania and Australia.
  • To adhere to the Rural and Remote Pharmacy Placement Allowance Scheme funded by the Commonwealth of Health and Aged Care (CDHAC) and managed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia including financial reporting and placement summaries.
  • To build on existing non-traditional teaching and learning environments and continue to explore further regions both rural and metropolitan.
  • Work with other disciplines and resolve any high demand locations together, such as Latrobe and Burnie where the Rural Clinical Schools and public hospitals are located.
University Department of Rural Health
  • Funded by Department of Health & Ageing
  • Part of the Faculty of Health Science
  • Support rural placements
    • Rural Health Teaching Sites
      • Accommodation and IT facilities in 14 rural communities
    • BN Rural & Remote Funds
      • Travel and accommodation allowance for Nursing students
    • Allied Health Student Support Program
      • Travel and accommodation allowance
    • Rural placement website
      • Helping students get the most from their placement

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