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Jim McKenzie

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Jim McKenzie. By: Brandon McKenzie. Background Information.

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jim mckenzie

Jim McKenzie

By: Brandon McKenzie

background information
Background Information
  • Some things everybody should know about my dad. He is a man of very little words. This comes to as a surprise to many, seeing how much I talk, but that’s how he is. What he says though is important and always meaningful to everyone and they always listen.

Growing up my dad was a very unique individual. He was into break dancing, makeup, complete punk look. He used to take two busses down to Grosse Pointe with himself and a few friends and they would break dance for money on the streets. Also there was a time when my grandma had told me he has come home with purple hair. He was kicked out of the house for doing that.

what he does
What he Does
  • Now my dad is the GM of El Charros Mexican Restaurant. He has been working there for many years (Too many to tell as he says) and has set himself pretty high up over there starting out as a cook now working his way all the way up.


  • My dad has gotten himself into a lot of trouble now around this house. He has now gotten an iPad and now does not contribute to any family activities because he is too busy browsing new things for whatever he can find with it. My mom constantly has to battle with him now just to get him to talk because he is completely obsessed with his iPad.
  • Another one of my dads great ideas was getting a new dog practically immediately after my last dog had past away. Although my mom had thrown the word divorce in the air if he came home with a new puppy, he proceeded to do it anyways and is now loved more by my mom than anyone else in my family.
what he m eans to me
What he Means to me
  • To me my dad is one of the greatest role models that anybody could have. The way he presents himself is unbelievable. As a father, a business man, and just a normal person. There isn’t anything he won’t try to do to help the family or to work on around the house even when he has no clue what he is doing.
koi pond
Koi Pond
  • Last and definitely not least, my dads pond. Fish have been a great love of my dads for many years. Even back when I lived in SCS he had a salt water aquarium in our living room. As long as there is good weather he will be sitting out there enjoying his fish, feeding the fish, decorating the pond or simply taking pictures of the pond and his fish with his iPad.