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Eritrea & Ethiopia case study PowerPoint Presentation
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Eritrea & Ethiopia case study

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Eritrea & Ethiopia case study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eritrea & Ethiopia case study. Eritrea - access to the Red Sea Distinct Culture and language Ethiopia was given control of Eritrea after WWII Banned use of flag and language. Rwanda - case study. Tribal conflict over minority & majority tribes (Tutsi & Hutus)

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Presentation Transcript

Eritrea & Ethiopia case study

  • Eritrea - access to the Red Sea
  • Distinct Culture and language
  • Ethiopia was given control of Eritrea after WWII
  • Banned use of flag and language

Rwanda - case study

  • Tribal conflict over minority & majority tribes (Tutsi & Hutus)
  • Tutsi (minority) tribe given power by former Belgium rule; resented by majority Hutu tribe
  • Over 800,000 were slaughtered
  • Massive migration

Northern Ireland - case study

  • Conflict between Protestants and Catholics (On an island of Roman Catholics)
  • Northern part of island is under control of the United Kingdom
  • Fight for religious unity and sovereignty

Sri Lanka - case study

  • Tamil Hindus in north of island
  • Sinhalese Buddhist in south
  • Oppression of Tamils civil rights including citizenship

Palestinian & Israeli case study

  • Claimed ancestral homeland of many ethnic groups (Jews, Christians, Muslims)
  • Jewish settlement after WWII
  • Occupied territories allowing little civil rights for Palestinians

North & South Korea case study

  • Traditionally one country; still perceived as one country by many people
  • Result of ideological war between China’s Communism and Western Capitalism
  • Separated by a heavily guarded Demilitarization Zone (DMZ)

India & Pakistan case study

  • Britain divided country into 3 parts
    • India, West Pakistan, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
    • race to the other side in short time
  • Areas still in dispute, such as Kashmir
  • Still numerous minorities in India

Kurds - case study

  • Classic example of an ancient nation without a state
  • Straddles Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria
  • Almost enjoyed own country; now refugees

Former Yugoslavia case study

  • Ethnic cleansing approaching Nazi style genocide of ethnic groups
  • Forced unity after WWI with similar languages; yet different religions and cultural backgrounds
    • Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholics, Muslims
  • Attempt to unify Serbians in Bosnia-Hertz.

Chechnya - case study

  • Russian conflict with ethnic Muslims; yet important for natural resources
  • Hard-line stance to prevent other break-away republic in the Caucasus
  • Complete decimation of major cities

Cyprus - case study

  • Divided between Turks in the north and Greeks in the south
  • Both ethnic groups have close proximity to mainland countries
  • Turkish sector declared independence (1983); not recognized world-wide

Afghanistan - case study

  • Buffer zone setup by British; strategic location of Kyber Pass
  • Taliban - soldiers now control government
  • Radical fundamentalist; no rights for women

Lebanon - case study

  • Great ethnic / religious diversity
  • Flood of Palestinian refugees
  • Formation of radical groups, like PLO
  • Returning to financial & entertainment center of the Middle East

Kosovo - case study

  • Extension of Bosnia’s ethnic cleansing in another region
  • Kosovo ethnic groups are Muslims seeking independence from Serbia
  • NATO’s final stand against brutal genocide