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Enhancing the Opportunity for Practicing Professionals to Become a Certified Crop Adviser Wesley Haun, Extension Educator Harold Watters, Extension Educator. The Ohio State University Extension Logan & Champaign Counties, Ohio. MATERIALS AND METHODS. DISCUSSION.

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Presentation Transcript

Enhancing the Opportunity for Practicing Professionals to

Become a Certified Crop Adviser

Wesley Haun, Extension Educator

Harold Watters, Extension Educator

The Ohio State University Extension

Logan & Champaign Counties, Ohio



  • Seminar offered twice each in 2007, 2008, 2009.
  • Two locations: Sidney, Ohio (5) and
  • Springfield, Ohio (1). Both facilities are located on the I-70 & I-75 corridor which provided easy access from Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.
  • Presentation formats:
    • Classroom style
    • PowerPoint
    • Lecture & illustrations
    • Show & tell
    • Samples, examples, models, mounted specimens
    • Demonstrations
    • “Hands-on” workshops
    • Flip Chart -- Discussion topics
    • Detailed explanations
  • CCA Exam Prep Seminar is a two day seminar to provide a review of agronomic principles and practical applications of crop production.
  • Seminar has been structured not to be a crash course, but provide direction for independent study.
  • Class opened to all individuals in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan registered to take CCA Exams and others planning to take the exams. Two classes per year each of last three years with an average of fifteen students.
  • When students pre-register for seminar they are encouraged to study and bring questions to seminar for discussion.
  • Content focused on four competency areas of Nutrient Management, Soil and Water Management, Integrated Pest Management, and Crop Management. Performance objectives within each competency area were addressed.
        • Nutrient Management -- Soil fertility, plant nutrition, nutrient sources, soil pH & liming, and nutrient management planning.
        • Soil and Water Management -- Soil properties, soil erosion, site characterizations, water & solute movement, and soil-plant-water relations.
        • Pest Management -- Identification, sampling, and monitoring, pest management strategies, environmental stewardship, and safety.
        • Crop Management -- Cropping systems, hybrid & variety selection, crop growth & development, and information technology.
  • Employed various methods to deliver seminar information. Most effective were question / answer and “hands-on” demonstrations.
  • Instructor was willing to accept calls and questions from students after seminar.


1. Encourage Extension Educators who provide information and advise to Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) to be certified themselves.

2. Enhance agronomy industry professionals’ abilities and confidence as an agricultural retailer, seed and crop protection company representative or company agronomist.


  • Adults with careers in agriculture and practicing as agronomic professionals tend to resist taking exams.
  • Increase students’ comfort level with test taking by administering a sample exam and review appropriate answers with explanations.
  • Whenever individuals commit to certification by passing appropriate exams and meeting established professional standards they demonstrate the knowledge base and experience

to provide technical agronomic advise.

  • Seminar designed to provide 3.5 hours of subject matter review in each of four competency areas.


  •  Deliver information such that students gain knowledge which will enhance their career beyond the CCA Exam.
  •  Student evaluations indicate unanimously that they would recommend the seminar
  • to others.
  • .