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Water conservation By Acclima

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Water conservation By Acclima - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Closed-Loop Irrigation Control. Sensor-Based Precision Irrigation system by Acclima. Water conservation By Acclima. Conventional Clock-Based Irrigation Control. Manual Program Entry. Timer Program Execution. Occasional Manual Correction Prompted by Stress or Saturation.

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Presentation Transcript

Closed-Loop Irrigation Control


Precision Irrigation system

by Acclima

Water conservation By Acclima


Conventional Clock-Based Irrigation Control

Manual ProgramEntry

Timer Program Execution

Occasional Manual Correction Prompted by Stress or Saturation

Open Loop: No Automatic Feedback to Control Moisture Level

Water conservation By Acclima


Evapo-Transpiration-Based Irrigation Control

Complex Parametric Input with Regular Adjustment

Weather Station, Computer and Communications Means

ET Enabled Clock

Open Loop: No Automatic Feedback to Control Moisture Level

Water conservation By Acclima


Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Control

One-Time Moisture Threshold Inputs

Feedback-Enabled Automatic Controller

Closed Loop: Automatic Feedback Maintains Proper Root Zone Moisture

Water conservation By Acclima


Instability – The #1 Problem


Non-Digital TDT Moisture Sensors

Water Content

Electrical Conductivity

Sensor Output is a Complex Function of all Three Input Variables

Water conservation By Acclima


XTra Sensor Stability -- Temperature

Less Than 1% Deviation


Reading in % Water



Temperature in Degrees Celsius


Water conservation By Acclima


XTra Sensor Stability – Electrical Conductivity

Less Than 1% Deviation


Reading in % Water




In-Soil EC in dS/m

Water conservation By Acclima


Saturation Area:

Heavy Nutrient and Water Loss

Root Putrefaction

Field Capacity:

Very Small Percolation Loss

Increasing Water Content

Allowable Depletion Limit

Permanent Wilt Point: (dead grass)

Water conservation By Acclima


Installing the Sensor – Techniques

  • Install in representative area for the zone
  • Avoid depressions
  • Avoid high-traffic areas
  • Avoid large rocks, tree roots
  • Install in healthy turf
  • Remove a 60cm square turf plug
  • Install sensor 10cm deep
  • Re-compact soil around rods to original compaction
  • Replace turf plug and seal around edges
  • Connect wires in a nearby value box

Water conservation By Acclima


Advantages – Water Savings

  • System Monitors ET in the Root Zone and Applies Just the Right Amount of Water to Hold Moisture in the Target Range
  • All Weather, Soil and Plant Characteristics are taken into Accurate Account in the Measurements
  • Upwards of 40% Water Savings can be Expected over a Well-Managed Controller Based System

Water conservation By Acclima


Advantages – Maintenance Savings

  • Seasonal Clock Adjustments are Eliminated
  • System Automatically Accommodates Heavy Rains, Cool Periods, Hot Periods, Dry Winds without Need of Adjustment.
  • Initial Settings Remain Stable Year after Year

Water conservation By Acclima


Advantages – Environmental Issues

  • Ground Water Contamination with Pesticides and Fertilizers is the Result of Over-Watering Crops and Turf.
  • Enormous Reductions in Fertilizer and Pesticide Applications are Possible with Precision Irrigation. Eastern Oregon Onion Fields show 50% Reduction.

Water conservation By Acclima


Advantages – Healthier Landscape

  • Over-Watering Drives Oxygen out of the Soil and Putrefies Roots
  • Over-Watering Leaches Nutrients and Pesticides from the Soil
  • Over-Watering Develops Fungi in the Soil
  • Over-Watering Weakens Drought Tolerance and Reinforces Over-Watering
  • Under-Watering Stresses Lawns and Promotes Weed Growth

Water conservation By Acclima


8701 – EZ Pro Xtra

  • Simple retro-fit design
  • Single Sensor
  • Works with existing controller
  • Converts any 24V controller to Sensor-based System
  • Easy Installation

Water conservation By Acclima


8710 – EZ Pro Max

  • Central Control System
  • Water on Demand
  • 64-Zone capacity
  • Run up to 16 sensors
  • Buit-in modem
  • Remote Control Access
  • 2 Wire Connectivity
  • Friendly Software

Water conservation By Acclima


1 valve

1 valve

4 valves

2 valves

Communicating with other Devices

2-wire bus

2 valves

Water conservation By Acclima


2-Wire System Specifications

  • Maximum distance for controller to any device: 1300m
  • Maximum total paired wire load (unsheathed): 3300m
  • Maximum total paired wire load (sheathed): 4950m

Water conservation By Acclima


CSU Site Performance 8/1 to 9/16 (2004)

Water conservation By Acclima