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FIA Standardisation Working Group PowerPoint Presentation
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FIA Standardisation Working Group

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FIA Standardisation Working Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FIA Standardisation Working Group. Alain-G. Vouffo Feudjio Fraunhofer FOKUS Agenda. Future Internet assembly presentation Rationale for support to (pre-)standardisation Presentation of the FIA (pre-)standardisation working group Action plan.

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FIA Standardisation Working Group

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. FIA Standardisation Working Group Alain-G. Vouffo Feudjio Fraunhofer FOKUS

    2. Agenda Future Internet assembly presentation Rationale for support to (pre-)standardisation Presentation of the FIA (pre-)standardisation working group Action plan

    3. Future Internet Assembly (FIA) ? • Collaboration between projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace • Structured to permit open interactions and cross-fertilization across technical domains, reaching out to whoever has talent in Europe's Future Internet research community.

    4. FIA introduction Networked Media and Search Systems Trustworthy ICT Internet-connectedobjects The network of the future Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Application domains FIA: 150+ ProjectsfromChallenge 1 of the ICT programme of FP7. Future Internet Research and Experimentation Socio-economic Development and maintenance of a consolidated calendar of events Vision, challenges, scenarios and roadmaps for FI research Development of pre-normative principles, concepts, design, architectures, recommendations and functional specifications

    5. FIA results

    6. FIA existing Working groups Roadmapping (Pre-)Standardisation International Collaboration FI Architectures Management and Service-aware Networking Architectures Linked Open Data Enterprises Real World Internet Future Content Networks FIA Book FI Portal

    7. Need for support to (pre)-standardisation activities

    8. Conclusions from previous WG sessions • Diversity of communities, diversity of activities • Need to excite individuals, create opportunities: needindividual motivation of contributors • IPR issues linked to organisations not projects • Interoperability is the keyfocus. Keep business point of view: look, for win-win situation (beyond project interest) • Standards timeframegoesbeyondproject one • No 1:1 relation betweenprojects and ‘standards’, rather a n:m one

    9. Standards vs research gap

    10. Closing the standardisation gap: « multi-plan »perspective Built on D. Bourse (Alcatel Lucent) presentation – FIA Valencia 2010

    11. Presentation of the (pre)standardisation Working Group

    12. Focus on project MyFIRE

    13. Identity card • FP7 project: FP7-ICT-2009-5 • Start date: 01/06/2010 • Budget (EC contribution): 700K euro • Duration: 24 months • Target countries: EU and BRICs • Target groups: research testbeds users and beneficiaries

    14. Project objectives

    15. Project activities

    16. Project outcome Contribution to the development of the role and perception of experimental facilities in the FI research. Feedback to the users and other impacted constituencies (providers, research, programmes,..). Best practices for testing, deploying the experimental facilities, standards use and development and possible roadmap (recommendations). Tool kit for decision makers on test beds design and set up approaches including impact (economic, social, environmental) analysis.

    17. Meet us in Pune Workshop • 16 December, 2010 at Sinhgad Technical Education Society (STES), Pune • 1. Understand Future Internet Research and Experimentation context in India and Europe: Indian and European ICT context, identified needs for test bed and common issues. • 2. Present example of testbed in India and Europe • 3. Present example of collaboration between Europe and India in ICT field • 4. Make a focus on standardisation aspect, to improve the testbed efficiency for the future internet research and bridge research and market • 5. Identify collaboration pathways

    18. Contact us ! Our wiki: Main contact: Franck Le Gall ( Full contact list: Project MyFIRE: