Water water everywhere
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Water Availability & Sustainability. Water, Water, Everywhere?. Warm - Up. Write a homework reminder – get it stamped ! Update your Table of Contents for today ! Get your EOG Review Booklet out to be checked … what questions do you have?

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Water water everywhere

Water Availability & Sustainability

Water, Water, Everywhere?

Warm up
Warm - Up

  • Write a homeworkreminder – getitstamped!

  • Update your Table of Contents for today!

  • Getyour EOG ReviewBooklet out to bechecked…what questions do you have?

  • Withyour table partner, analyze the coloredmap on your table and answer the questions for the Warm-Up on yourpaper.

Physical water scarcity
Physical Water Scarcity

Physical water scarcity is where there is physically not enough water to meet all demands, including that needed for ecosystems to function effectively.

Economic water scarcity
Economic Water Scarcity

Economic water scarcity is a type of water scarcity caused by a lack of money being spent/money available to spend on obtaining water. The water may be there, but the money or tools to access it is not. It may also have to do with insufficient infrastructure to keep up with the demand for water resulting in people often having to fetch water from rivers or lakes for domestic and agricultural uses.

Causes of water scarcity
Causes of Water Scarcity…

Whatcouldsome causes of water scarcitybe?

  • Population growth

  • Food production

  • Climatic change and variability

  • Land use

  • Water quality

  • Water demand

  • Poverty and economic policy

  • Legislation and water resource management

  • International water disputes

Think about it
Think About It…

We have the luxury of turning on the faucet and water comes out. Doeseveryone?

This iswhatwe call

water availability…

Water availability
Water Availability:

  • Water Availability:

    The access to, or availability of water for use per person in a particular area

Tribal challenge water relay
Tribal Challenge Water Relay

  • 6 Tribes – Each Tribe has 1 Dixie cup and 1 beaker. (except Tribe 5 – they have 2 beakers and 2 Dixie cups)

  • The goal of each tribe is to get as much water in their beaker as possible in 5 minutes…however, your water sources are not equally available

Tribal challenge water amounts
Tribal Challenge Water Amounts

  • Tribe 1 =

  • Tribe 2 =

  • Tribe 3 =

  • Tribe 4 =

  • Tribe 5 =

  • Tribe 6 =

  • It is clear that the tribes did not have equal access to water, but now how will you figure out how to divide the water up amongst your tribe members?

Tribal challenge water amounts1
Tribal Challenge Water Amounts

  • Tribe 1 =

  • Tribe 2 =

  • Tribe 3 =

  • Tribe 4 =

  • Tribe 5 =

  • Tribe 6 =

  • How is this representative of different continents of the world and their water availability? – PREDICT THE CONTINENT COMPARISON WITH YOUR TABLE PARNTER NOW…

Tribal challenge water continent comparisons
Tribal Challenge Water Continent Comparisons

  • Tribe 1 = North America

  • Tribe 2 = Europe

  • Tribe 3 = Asia

  • Tribe 4 = South America

  • Tribe 5 = Australia

  • Tribe 6 = Africa

Tribal challenge quick write discussion
Tribal Challenge Quick Write & Discussion

  • What are some other factors that need to be considered that may be affecting the level of water availability?

  • What aspects of your life would suffer because your time would be consumed with getting water?

Water availability in the u s
Water Availability in the U.S.

  • What water sources do we have available to us in the United States?

The great lakes
The Great Lakes

  • The Great Lakes are the largest fresh water system on Earth. They contain 84% of North America’s surface fresh water and 21% of the world’s surface fresh water supply. Only the polar ice caps contain more fresh water!

Ogallala aquifer under u s

  • Huge source of freshwater for drinking & irrigation in the U.S.

  • Depleting at alarming rate…

    • “The average annual depletion rate between 2000 and 2007 was more than twice that during the previous fifty years!”

Water availability in the u s1
Water Availability in the U.S.

  • What other water resources do we have available in the U.S.?

  • Would you consider the U.S. a good place to live in terms of water availability…Why?

Water sustainability
Water Sustainability

So, shouldwe/do we have enough water for everybody???

That iswhatwater sustainabilitymeans…

Water sustainability1
Water Sustainability:

Water Sustainability

  • The use of water that ensures that water will be a protected and available resource for future generations.

Will there be enough to sustain our growing population?

In fact
In Fact…

  • Right now, 1.1 billion people do not have access to improved sources of drinking water, they must carry water for several miles, and even then it may not be safe.

Carrying water in kenya
Carrying Water in Kenya…

Close your eyes and imagine you live in the village of Kapsasian, Kenya…story time 

Carrying water in kenya1
Carrying Water in Kenya…

  • Calculate the reality of carrying water in Kenya…

  • These are real-life problems faced by billions of people around the world.

  • You and your family must live off of less than 10 gallons of water a day. How would life be different?


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ULwl9YeB4k

  • After viewing the “Thirst” Slideshow, answer the reflection questions on water usage.


  • Continue to work on your EOG Review Booklet!

  • Checkpoint #2 next week…you should have AT LEAST 2 full units completed and well on your way to 3!

Extra credit 10 points

  • Write a letter to a teenage boy or girl in Kenya.

  • Explain to them how you better understand their situation using what you now know about water availability and water sustainability using specific examples.


Warm up2
Warm - Up

  • Update your Table of Contents

  • Getyourvocabcards out to bechecked

  • PERSONAL WATER AUDIT - Fill out the chart based on how much water you use daily.

But you do have access to water how much do you use
But You Do Have Access to Water…How Much Do You Use?

  • Discussion Questions:

    • Were you surprised by your daily personal water usage? How did your initial estimate compare to your actual usage?

    • How much of your total water was actually used and how much was wasted down the drain?

    • Do you think you actually use more water than was calculated in your audit? Why or why not?

Human planet desert
Human Planet: Desert

  • Answer the questions on the movie guide as you watch! I will be collecting your video guide for a participation grade! (45%)

Vocab practice quiz

Clearyour desk except for a pencil and a piece of notebook paper

Vocab Practice Quiz