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Medieval Sports

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Medieval Sports. BY: Jacob Ryan and Jonny Buck. What some of the different sports of Medieval times?. Jousting Archery Skittles. Jousting. Basically, jousting was combat training for knights that was also entertainment for the people

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medieval sports

Medieval Sports


Jacob Ryan and Jonny Buck

  • Basically, jousting was combat training for knights that was also entertainment for the people
  • Knights would be on horse back and charge at each other with a lance in their hands
  • The lance was like a spear and was usually 9-14 feet long and 1.5-2 inches in diameter
  • Their were two types of jousting events, the Joust a plaisance and Pas d'armes or passage of arms
  • Joust a plaisance was an elimination tournament
  • Pas d’arms or passage of arms was just a knight taking on any challenger
  • The field that archers practiced was called the “Butt”
  • They were at the edge of the town so that the archers wouldn’t be disturbed
  • They were flat and about 200 meters long
  • There were mounds for targets at one end
  • The mounds were usually 2-8 meters in diameter and 1-3 feet tall
  • Men were supposed to know archery to fight in a time of crisis
  • There are three different ways to play Skittles, West Country, Long Alley, and Killer
  • Skittles was like modern day bowling
  • The balls used were usually wooden and would be larger than a tennis ball but smaller than a cannonball
  • The lane was about 24 feet long and 6 feet wide