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Eddie Act One

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Eddie Act One

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Eddie Act One

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  1. Eddie Act One Sabrina and Jemima

  2. Feels superior to italian immigrants “You’re saving their lives, what’re you worryin’ about the tablecloth? They probably didn’t see a tablecloth in their whole life where they come from” pg. 6 Making a flippant remark and speaking of the italian immigrants as if he was superior to them or above them. “Starving like them over there” pg.7 Shows that he isn’t as immersed in italian culture and seems to feel a difference towards them.

  3. Man of the house “Reaching out and grabbing her arm” Treats his wife in an assertive and slightly violent manner. “Marco: Yes He’ll be quiet. To Rodolpho: You’ll be quiet. Rodolpho nods, Eddie had risen with iron control, even a smile. He moves to Catherine” Feels the need to assert himself as the alpha male and takes pride in regaining control of the house and taking ownership of Catherine. Furthermore, Eddie seems to belittle Rodolpho as he feels the need to speak to him through Marco as if Marco was more superior.

  4. Inappropriate feelings for Catherine “What the high heels for Garbo?” Inappropriate reference to Grerta Garbo, female actress of the 1900’s iconic for her beauty and allure. “Watching as she pours sugar into his cup, his face puffed with trouble” Jealousy towards Rodolpho “Catherine: Hi Eddie, Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it” Feels more than fatherly love for Catherine “shy”

  5. Builds towards betrayal “Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw, his neck stiff, the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head” Tension between Eddie, Marco and Rodolpho starts to build. “Alfieri: The manner in which they entered the country. But I don’t think you want to do anything about that do you?” Foreshadows Eddie’s ultimate betrayal, plants idea into Eddies head.

  6. Paranoia When he is expressing his feelings about Rodolpho to Alfieri, he is expressing clear feelings of paranoia. This is shown in this speech and the stage directions explaining his body movements. Eddie: “Takes a breath and glances briefly over each shoulder” (34)

  7. Eddie’s descent Alfieri as a narrator shows the progression of Eddies character through the play, and how Eddie descends into a jealous and hate filled man because of Catherine's relationship with Rodolpho. “But soon I saw it was only a passion that had moved into his body, like a dark stranger” (pg 33) “I could see every step coming, step after step, like a dark figure walking down a hall toward a certain door” (pg 38)

  8. Self Piteous Further on in the conversation, Eddie becomes very self piteous, making Catherine's choices about him. He can’t deal with the complexity of the emotion, therefore turns selfish. “ I took out of my own mouth to give to her” “I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he takes and puts his dirty filthy hands on her like a goddam thief!” (37)

  9. His Actions with Rodolpho Present Eddie is uncomfortable with Rodolpho in the house as he is seen by Catherine as attractive. When the Cousins first arrive, Eddie is quick to change Catherine and Beatrice’s attention away from the cousins by changing the subject. A sign that hs is psychologically affected. Catherine: “He’s practically blond!” Eddie: “How’s the coffee doin’?” (16)