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Strategic Support SML Wiki PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Support SML Wiki

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Strategic Support SML Wiki
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Strategic Support SML Wiki

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  1. Strategic Support SML Wiki The purpose of this wiki is to enable you to network online with other SMLs involved in CTLM. • You can use the discussion page to post questions and offer ideas and advice. • You can post useful electronic resources that you have found or created. The Wiki is only limited to your creativity, imagination and use of this resource. Enjoy!


  3. To create a wiki account click here and create a username and password. If you are already a member – enter your username and password. If you wish to be kept signed in leave the tick otherwise click on it to remove. Press – Sign In

  4. YOUR ACCOUNT HOMEPAGE Here it lists your favourite wikis or you can select the full list of wikis if you choose. Click on StrategicSupportSML to access your SML wiki. Click here if you want full list of wikis CLICK HERE

  5. Strategic Support School Mathematics Leaders Wiki - HOMEPAGE

  6. Strategic Support SML wiki home page – some basic elements Click here to see your wiki list Sign Out Wiki pages Click here for access to online tutorials on how to use a wiki

  7. Home page – Discussion Tab Click on the discussion tab to post or respond to questions. As this discussion tab is on the home page, these questions should be more general. More specific questions can be added to other pages. For example, if you have a question regarding PLT meetings, click on the PLT meeting page and then click on its discussion tab to post your question.

  8. PLT Meetings page Click here to access discussions on PLT meetings Post agendas / running sheets and any other documentation for PLT meetings that may be of interest to other SMLs.

  9. PLT Meeting Discussion tab page Click here to post your own question There is currently one discussion posted. Click here to access.

  10. Discussion on Effective PLT meetings. Post your response here Click this box if you would like to monitor the topic

  11. Layout of page is important for easy access Search window to help locate information Click here to edit page At the top of the pages already created, you will notice guidelines on how to post your information. This helps people to easily locate information. On this page – include title, brief content description, URL address.

  12. How can I engage with this Wiki? • Schedule a time to check the wiki each week. • Respond to questions posted – what advice can you provide? • Access the online tutorials on the home page. This will help you become more familiar with the wiki. • Contact your ICON coach (formally ELRO) if you have any further questions on how to use the wiki. There is an ICON coaches contact list on the ICON coaches – ICT support page. • Post resources that have been useful for you. • Discuss with other SMLs what other pages you might need to add. • Post meeting dates • Make the Wiki work for you!

  13. If you username is not here then please see Michael DiNuzzoto add your email address to the wiki. An invitation will be sent to you to join. Simply click on the link in the email and sign up.