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Solids and Their Characteristics

Solids and Their Characteristics. By:. Square Pyramids. Cylinders. Rectangular Prisms. Spheres. Cones. Cubes. Cones. Find clip art examples. Characteristics of a Cone. Cubes. Find clip art examples. Characteristics of a Cube. Cylinders. Find clip art examples.

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Solids and Their Characteristics

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  1. Solids and Their Characteristics By:

  2. Square Pyramids Cylinders Rectangular Prisms Spheres Cones Cubes

  3. Cones Find clip art examples

  4. Characteristics of a Cone

  5. Cubes Find clip art examples

  6. Characteristics of a Cube

  7. Cylinders Find clip art examples

  8. Characteristics of a Cylinder

  9. Rectangular Prisms Find clip art examples

  10. Characteristics of a Rectangular Prism

  11. Spheres Find clip art examples

  12. Characteristics of a Sphere

  13. Square Pyramids Find clip art examples

  14. Characteristics of a Square Pyramid

  15. Similarities Differences Choose two solids and compare them. Names of solids:

  16. Drag object that has a circle for a face in the pink part of the circle. Drag the object that has an even number of faces in the yellow part of the circle, and drag the object that fits both descriptions into the orange part of the circles. Even number of faces A circle for a face

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