continental drift n.
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Continental Drift

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Continental Drift. By: Edolia Walker, Destiny Daniel, Madison Brogden. Continental Drift Evidence. A hypothesis stated that the continental drift evidence had once been joined to form a single super continent. Fossil Evidence.

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continental drift

Continental Drift

By: Edolia Walker, Destiny Daniel, Madison Brogden

continental drift evidence
Continental Drift Evidence
  • A hypothesis stated that the continental drift evidence had once been joined to form a single super continent.
fossil evidence
Fossil Evidence
  • Several fossil organisms found on different land masses. Scientist think they separated when the plates moved. They also believe that the animals crossed to north America and Asia when the sea level lowered. Glossopteris a discovery fossil plant in specific areas. They have been found in Madagascar, India, Africa, Australia, south America and antarica. The glossopteris were all in the same continent until they drifted away.
rock types and structures
Rock types and structures
  • Coastlines and mountainbelts are rock evidence for continental drift. Pangaea exist as continents. It’s a particular region where the rocks form. The regin has to have the same age as the rock and shape. They form mountain chains when the land masses fit.
continent fit
Continent fit
  • Evidence that south America and Africa might once have been joined to each other came from the research of the German geographer.
  • Von Humboldt collected plant and animal specimens of the world studying geography and geology. He observed any similarities between south America and Africa.
von humboldt
Von Humboldt
  • Von Humboldt and other naturalist noticed similarities between fossils of plants and animals. Between either side of Antarctica.
history and future of our drifting continents
History and future of our drifting continents
  • Continental drifts started over a million years ago. They are broken apart into smaller fragments.
  • Hot rock in the care turns to a visous liquid (magma) which can rise up through the cooler rockes above.
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