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Figure 2. LFC. CC. C. D. CC. LFC. F. E. Gram-positive bacteria Peptidoglycan (N-acetylmuramic acid). CHLOROGOCYTES. Ly. COELOMOCYTES. Fe. Muramyl dipeptide. EP. CCF. Gram-negative bacteria O-core of LPS. LC. SC. Inactive serine protease. Melanin. 11 kDa 42 kDa. 38 kDa.

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  1. Figure 2 LFC CC C D CC LFC F E

  2. Gram-positive bacteria Peptidoglycan (N-acetylmuramic acid) CHLOROGOCYTES Ly COELOMOCYTES Fe Muramyl dipeptide EP CCF Gram-negative bacteria O-core of LPS LC SC Inactive serine protease Melanin 11 kDa 42 kDa 38 kDa 40 kDa 45 kDa Yeast b-1,3-glucan N’N-diacetylchitobiose H2O TARGET Tyrosine Active cytolytic proteins Cytotoxicity Phagocytosis Opsonization Encapsulation Nodule formation SPHINGOMYELIN Serine protease Pore Forming Perturbs local bilayer Pore Forming Serine protease inhibitor Pore Forming PO Pro-PO L-DOPA Inactive fetidins Quinone PATHOGENS Figure 3 Lysozyme Hydroxylation PO Oxydation Non-enzymatic polymerization

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