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The One Fund Boston

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The One Fund Boston

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The One Fund Boston

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  1. The One Fund Boston

  2. What Happened? • On April 15, 2013 during the annual Boston Marathon, two brothers from Chechnya who have been living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, placed bombs at the finish line of the race and at other nearby locations. When exploding, many people both participating and observing the race were injured and some were killed. Over 250 people were hospitalized and three died because of this event.

  3. What is the One Fund Boston? • This traumatic event has given our country the opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves. The Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick requested for the One Fund Boston to be established to support all of the people that were injured and traumatized by this event, such as the families of the victims who were killed and the victims who were most seriously affected. The One Fund Boston currently has raised over $37,000,000 since the event occurred and still needs more money.

  4. How Can I Help? • There have been walks, runs, and many other activities that have been able to earn money for the One Fund Boston. The more money that can be raised for this cause, the more victims that can be helped. Although this occurred nearly two months ago, the fear and result of the bombing has not disappeared. There are still currently many people who need assistance and care. This fund has given the victims tremendous help and is still currently looking for donors.

  5. Where Can I Buy Items to Show Support? • EVERYWHERE! • All around there are t-shirts, shorts, hats, ribbons, etc. being sold. • You can easily find them in the mall.

  6. Andrew Estella? • One example of a person that has created a fundraiser for One Fund is Andrew Estella. He started his own lacrosse head stringing organization, Tito Strings, which donates its profit to One Fund in support of the victims.

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