2 thessalonians
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2 Thessalonians. Reminders to the Church. Recap . Paul did not want the church to be deceived by false teaching on the end times. People had been led to believe that they had already missed out on the return of the Lord

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2 thessalonians


Reminders to the Church


  • Paul did not want the church to be deceived by false teaching on the end times.

  • People had been led to believe that they had already missed out on the return of the Lord

  • Paul wanted them to be focused on the task at hand and avoid two main errors:

    • Don’t be idle thinking the return of the Lord is so far away that they would not be diligent

    • Don’t assume it was coming immediately and forsake “taking care of business”

Paul s charge to the church
Paul’s Charge to the Church

  • 2:13 We thank God for you, brothers loved by the Lord

    • Because:

      • God chose you for salvation

      • How did He choose them?

How does god choose
How does God choose?

  • Through Sanctification

    • By the Spirit

    • Through belief in the truth

  • Even in verse 13 we see the mystery of Divine Will and Human Free Will

Is our will really free
Is our will really free?

  • Some put forth the idea of humankind being able to freely choose or reject God

    • Problem: We know man is corrupt if left to his own devices, and does not seek after God

    • God has to do something

  • Once God does that “something” to someone, He has called or chosen them in some way.

Free will
Free Will

  • Some would say that once God has “called” to a previously hardened heart, the work of the Holy Spirit cannot be denied or turned away…

  • Some would say that we could still “choose” to reject the calling of God despite the work of the Holy Spirit

  • Paul mentions a number of times that there will be those who have purposely seemed to reject God

  • The importance of this is sometimes overstated…but it might impact your view on missions or evangelism

Paul s charge continued
Paul’s Charge continued

  • Verse 15

    • Stand firm!

      • Hold to the traditions you were taught

        • By our message

        • By our letter

    • What would Paul tell us to stand firm on…or hold to now?

Paul s orders to the church
Paul’s Orders to the Church

  • Paul’s command to the church:

    • Keep away from every brother who walks irresponsibly

    • Keep away from every brother who is not walking according to the tradition Paul gave them

    • Paul demonstrated the right way to behave when he was with them

      • Don’t expect a free hand out

      • Work hard, if you want to eat

    • Some were not only taking a hand out, but interfering with the work of others

      • If they were capable, but not diligent, it wasn’t just impacting them

Final challenges
Final Challenges

  • Don’t get weary of doing good

    • Job is never finished…keep going

  • Anybody who is disobedient to these things

    • If people in the church were not willing to hear Paul’s exhortation and command to do the right stuff…they should be treated in a way that shames them...not for punishment, but repentance

    • Not like an enemy, but as a brother


  • Thoughts about either 1st or 2nd Thessalonians?

  • What did you find interesting in going through the books?

  • Is there anything that you see that applies directly to your personal walk with God? For our particular church?

Next week
Next Week

  • Galatians

    • A church in a different catagory

      • Read Chapter 1 and we will see how far I get!

      • Major themes in Chapter 1

        • Paul’s Apostolic Credentials

        • One True Gospel