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Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency PowerPoint Presentation
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Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency

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Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency . Rushdi A. Hamid Business Development Manager - Daleelteq. Presentation Overview. 1. About Daleelteq 2. The Distribution Efficiency Cycle GIS & Technology Solutions GIS Datasets Route Management & Optimisation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency' - keith

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Presentation Transcript

Using GIS and Technology to improve Distribution Planning & Efficiency

Rushdi A. Hamid

Business Development Manager - Daleelteq


Presentation Overview

  • 1. About Daleelteq
  • 2. The Distribution Efficiency Cycle
  • GIS & Technology Solutions
        • GIS Datasets
        • Route Management & Optimisation
        • Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management
        • In Vehicle Navigation (Sat Nav)
        • Route Compliance
        • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
  • 4. Summary

About Daleelteq

Since 1996, Daleelteq has established itself as a technology pioneer in the development, creation and maintenance of high quality Data Sets & Technology Solutions for the Middle East and North and East Africa.









Addis Ababa

Dar El Salaam

From 2006 Daleelteq Sudan has been the Authorized Reseller for ESRI NEA for all ESRI products and services in Sudan


What we do

Geographic Information Systems GIS

Business Technology Services

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • ERP Implementation
  • Document Management Systems
  • Technology Risk Management
  • GIS Consultancy
  • GIS Datasets (MAPS)
  • Paper Maps
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Fleet & Distribution Management
  • Technologies

Typical Implementation Outcomes

  • FMCG – Fleet size reduction of 26%, US$ 3.5 Million savings in year 1, 1100% return on investment in first year. 13% improvement in customer service levels, 20% reduction in inventory
  • Dairy – 21% reduction in cost per case delivered, service level improvement from 92% to 98%, 17% reduction on cost per km travelled.
  • Cold Chain – Reduced operating fleet by 23%, provided real-time temperature monitoring on multi-temp (chilled and frozen) distribution vehicles.
  • Rail –Optimized support infrastructure for rail company, reducing warehouses by 50%, vehicles by 25% and people by 25%. US$7.58 Million per annum savings
  • Gases – Reduced cost-per-cylinder by 17% through reductions in vehicle running costs (6%) and improved utilization.
  • Gases – reduced accidents on fleet by over 50%, driver abuse events reduced by 35%, increased route compliance by 42%

GIS Datasets

What is Geographic Information Systems?

GIS is a Database with a Map on top


A Map with a Database underneath


Datasets for Distribution Efficiency

Distribution efficiency planning can be greatly improved through the use of accurate, reliable, navigable and regularly updated quality maps.


Route Planning & Optimisation Software

  • Reduce operating costs by:
    • Managing your whole fleet centrally.
    • Decreasing time wastage and overtime charges
    • Enhancing fleet capacity utilization
    • Minimizing distance traveled, stop duration, and fuel usage
    • Reducing fleet size necessary to service orders
    • Reducing Numbers of routes for same outcomes.
  • Enhance customer service and retention by:
    • Facilitating the ability to meet delivery performance goals
    • Improving on-time performance rates
    • Offering more accurate arrival and departure times

High level overview

Delivery/Sales and/or Pickup order

Accurate least cost route based on a real road network

Typical Saving (15 – 25%)

Customer requirements

Truck Data

Cost data and analysis

Road data and travel constraints

Full-color commercial map display of routes

Product Characteristics


Daily Planning Components

One can enter specific rules and parameters in the system and softwarewill

work withinthese parameters, typically;

  • Driver breaks - maximum number, length
  • Multi day routes - setting maximum length of multi day trips
  • Split orders - too big for one truck
  • Maximum distance per route
  • Maximum number of stops on a route
  • Maximum time per route
  • Rush-hour factors - road speed degradation during peak periods

The improvement in Territory Planning helps:

  • Maximize the productivity of delivery, sales, and merchandising personnel
  • Balance territory assignments, workloads and earnings potential for each selected area.
  • Decrease drive time, route length and fuel consumption
  • Improve number of daily deliveries and delivery volume
  • Minimise vehicle wear and tear
  • Increase customer satisfaction by greatly improved reliability on deliveries

Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • In-vehicle hardware communicates with reporting server
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) for vehicle location
  • Wireless Communications (GSM)
  • Full Fleet Management Reporting

Fleet Management Capabilities

Driver management & control

● Driver ID ●No-go Zones ●Time profile ●Exception management ●Driver scoring ●Abuse management ●Driver Debrief

Vehicle Management

● Speed. ●RPM ●Free-wheeling ●Excessive Idling ● Harsh Braking & Acceleration

Mileage & Fuel Management

●Distance travel ●Trip detail ●Fuel import ●Consumption reports ●Excessive Idle monitoring

Resource Utilisation

● Time Utilisation ● Inside working hours vs. outside working hours ● Service Notification

Accident Management

● Real time alert ● Direct download from OBC ●Google Earth investigation

Temperature & Cargo Door

● Excessive Temperature ●Cargo Door open & close ● Temp vs. Cargo Door Open


Fleet Management Features & Reports

  • Effective management of vehicles in a fleet is best achieved through the monitoringof exceptions across a fleet.
  • Software allows the users to view a fleet from a high level and then drill down on vehicles that are performing poorly rather than those that are doing well.
  • Vehicle management can be done either using the mapping section or with reports.

In Vehicle Navigation Devices

  • “Sat Nav” units installed inside delivery vehicles can assist drivers by directing them to each of their desired locations across a whole route
  • Unit enables the drivers to know exactly where they are at all times even if they are new to the route
  • Ensures no outlets are missed at any time.
  • Can receive new route co-ordinates to deliver to unplanned locations
  • Enables any driver to complete any route by following the Sat Nav directions

Route Compliance

Routing & Scheduling

  • Route Compliance
  • Real time visibility of route execution
  • Management Dashboard with drill down
  • Improved depot departure and turn around.
  • Improved customer turn around times
  • Automated driver debrief (Plan vs. Actual)
  • Geo-coding of customer
  • KPI Reporting

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management


Route Status Reporting

Blue is planned route

Route Status – red is late, blue on time, orange early

Red is actual route

Automated Route Alerts


Electronic Proof of Delivery

  • ePOD is a Powerful Delivery Management Solution which fully automates:
  • Final Delivery Operation
  • Billing Operation
  • Customer Service Reporting
  • 2. ePOD is scalable for use by small business owners through to large distribution
  • companies
  • 3. ePOD links delivery and order information to a driver based PDA Device
  • that communicates using secure real time GPRS Mobile Data.
  • 4. Device comes with a scanner, camera and phone and an optional mobile printer can
  • be added to provide customers with a printed receipt
  • 5. ePOD comes with a suite of Management Reporting Software to provide comprehensive reporting


  • A whole suite of technology solutions exists to support the Distribution Supply Chain
  • Scalable to all sizes of organisation from small businesses through to large corporations
  • Fully compatible with virtually all ERP Software Solutions where installed.
  • Daleelteq’s professional support and advice from initial enquiry through to full installation training and product support locally.

Thank You.

Any Questions?