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Gugni university

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Gugni university. By : Jackson Gugni. My PROJECT. My project is to create and design my own college that has to fit a 2050 atmosphere. So what I did was sketched out a birds eye view of my college, then made a PowerPoint on it. Enjoy the show! . The Quad.

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gugni university

Gugni university

By : Jackson Gugni

my project

My project is to create and design my own college that has to fit a 2050 atmosphere. So what I did was sketched out a birds eye view of my college, then made a PowerPoint on it. Enjoy the show!

the quad
The Quad

This is the part of my college that I started with. The quod sounds funny but it is actually the center of a college where all the main buildings are. The quod is also a courtyard where people walk around in.

burns language arts lab
Burns language Arts “lab”

The Burns Language arts lab is obviously the building that teaches language arts. Since it has to be fit to be a class in 2050, I had to make it a little more techy than it would be in 2013. In the lab there are carts stocked with the newest Apple products such as the newest computers, IPads, and IPhones instead of the Josephied Dell’s. And instead of having the slow promethean boards we have the newest hologram boards that are voice activated. Some of the teachers are alive and some are robots programed to teach each lesson the kids have to learn. There are 10 classrooms for different people at different levels as in levels of intelligence.

burdick math physics center
Burdick math & Physics Center

The Burdick Math & Physics Center is where the most advanced students in the country go to learn the latest and most complex math/physics. In the center there are very accurate calculators that can go 100 digits behind the decimal and 100 digits in front. Their math journals are digital, and all of the white boards are holograms!

jackie robinson athletic center
Jackie ROBINSON Athletic center

The Jackie Robinson Athletic Center is one of my favorite parts of the college. This part of the college is equipped with two practice basketball courts, an indoor football/soccer field for practicing, and ice rink, and a work out gym for lifting weights and stuff. Even though this is in 2050 there isn’t to much to change to make it futuristic.

gilbert library
Gilbert library

In the Gilbert library there are two options. One is to pick a regular paper book. The other is to check out a book on the new holo-book. The holo-book has the book itself in a hologram form that you can take voice activated notes about it. The holo-book also has activities that go along with the book that improve you learning. For instance you could be reading Harry Potter and the activity could be asking you to list the character traits of Harry. If you choose to do the activities you will get extra credit. For the paper books there are tons of classics like gone with the wind, the bible, and more.

melton art center
Melton art center

If you’re an art lover are artist the Melton Art center is the way to go! Here in the center we have ranges of art activities. There are sculpting classes, painting classes, and even digital art classes. The digital art class teaches people to make art with technology.

ruth stadium
Ruth stadium

This baseball stadium is home to the Gugni Cardinals. This stadium is 330 feet to left field, 380 to center, and 350 at right. This stadium has two jumbotrons and four sweets. For quick access each seat comes with a delivery food thing from the stadium so you pick what you want and instantly get it!