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True Colors

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Who You Are!. True Colors. Orange Picture. Green Picture. Gold Picture. Blue Picture. All Four. Orange in Words. Green in Words. Gold in Words. Blue in Words. All Four. Looking at it all. Look at your results for 4 corners I will tell you which corner represented which color

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looking at it all
Looking at it all
  • Look at your results for 4 corners
  • I will tell you which corner represented which color
  • How do your results match up?
  • Looking at the three tests, can you come up with one or two colors that describe you the best?
what does it all mean
What does it all mean?
    • We need each color in our world, society, and school to bring out the best results
  • Very often, we are born with our color
    • Others who know you well, can even see which color you are at a very young age.
  • This is not an excuse or a crutch
    • It is a tool. (Why are you needed in the world?!)
  • The best businesses in the world bring in all four of these colored people to solve problems for them.
    • We have to be able to work with anyone.
strengths and weaknesses
Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Example:
    • Jay is very fast but lacks upper body strength
    • Kay is strong in strength but can’t run very fast
  • Can Jay get strong and Kay get fast?
    • YES!!!!!
  • How?
    • Practice!
  • Just because you may struggle in one area, doesn’t mean you will never be good. You just need extra work.
  • ALSO, even if you are strong in an area, you still can improve and should work on growing.
    • www.true-colors.com
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=desqCOofLm0
  • So what’s the point?