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True Colors, revisited

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True Colors, revisited. Classroom Applications. The Color Spectrum. If your brightest color is Blue…. Your Strength is Authenticity Honesty is important to you, in yourself and in others You are devoted to the relationships in your life

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true colors revisited

True Colors, revisited

Classroom Applications

if your brightest color is blue
If your brightest color is Blue…
  • Your Strength is Authenticity
    • Honesty is important to you, in yourself and in others
    • You are devoted to the relationships in your life
    • Making a difference in the world is easy for you because you cultivate the potential in yourself and others…always
    • You seek harmony in all you do and with everyone in your life
the blue teacher
The Blue Teacher
  • The Blue Teacher is Student Oriented
    • They nurture and positively motivate their students
    • They favor group work and group projects
    • They involve students in the decision-making process of the classroom
    • They are optimistic
    • They often use their imagination as a teaching tool
  • Keys to Successful Teaching
    • Self-Actualization, Harmony, Personal Relationships, Authenticity, Cooperation, Uniqueness
the blue student
The Blue Student
  • The student is personal
    • Likes to know the teacher cares about them individually
    • Loves classrooms with a “personal touch” by the teacher
    • They need to feel that teachers value them
    • They retreat from conflict
  • The student performs best in interactive atmospheres
    • The appreciate feedback (they are people pleasers)
    • Flourish in an atmosphere of cooperation
    • They are verbal (your storytellers)
    • They are inclusive in activities
the blue classroom
The Blue Classroom
  • Teacher Role
    • Affirming, Warm, Welcoming, Encouraging
  • Classroom Physicality
    • Comfortable, Tables for group work, “more home-like”
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Promote friendship, positive values, student work posted
    • Slogans like “Great Job” “Fantastic” “Welcome”
  • Student Work
    • Group Work, Collaborative Assignments, Cooperative Groups, Pair Share activities
if your brightest color is gold
If your brightest color is Gold
  • Your Strength is Duty
    • You value order
    • You cherish the cherish and traditions of family and home
    • You provide for the support and structure of society
    • Loyalty is a trademark
    • Generous
    • Parental by nature
  • You show you care by insisting everyone “do the right thing”
the gold teacher
The Gold Teacher
  • The Gold Teacher is Institution Oriented
    • You strengthen the educational system by teaching students to be responsible and useful
  • Favorite teaching techniques
    • Recitation, drill, practice, and testing
  • Keeper of the school traditions
  • Follow well-established classroom routines
  • Encourage team efforts
  • Reward high performing students with additional responsibilities
  • Keys to successful teaching
    • Conformity, responsibility, belonging, trust in organizations, rules, home and family
the gold student
The Gold Student
  • The Gold Student Performs Best with Structure
    • They perform best when course content is well-structured and clearly defined
    • They thrive on routine and order
  • Abstract ideas can sometimes be difficult for them until they see them firmly embedded in “what they know”
    • They think through their issues and assignments so as not to make careless mistakes
  • They require clear expectations and classroom policies
    • They have a strong sense of right and wrong for themselves and for others
  • They need reassurance they are “on the right track”
the gold classroom
The Gold Classroom
  • Teacher Role
    • Structured, organized, business-like, routine
  • Classroom Physicality
    • Orderly, desks in rows or pods
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Promote positive values, calendars, checklists, assignments
    • Slogans like “Never Settle for Less than Your Best”
  • Student Work
    • Collaborative Assignments, Cooperative Groups, Pair Share activities, long-term projects with timelines
if your brightest color is green
If your brightest color is Green
  • Your Strength is Knowledge
    • You are a problem-solver
    • You seek to express yourself through your ability to be an expert in your work
  • You do experience deep feelings though you do not always show them to others
  • A great day for you is when you use your analytical ability to create solutions for issues brought to you
  • You are often misunderstood as aloof and cool when really you are reserved and caught in reflective thought
the green teacher
The Green Teacher
  • The Green Teacher is Subject Oriented
    • Their greatest educational contribution is expanding the skills and knowledge of their students
  • Favorite teaching techniques
    • Projects, lectures, debates, reports, contract learning
  • Make use of the cause and effect of events to stimulate the thinking of their students
  • They seek answers to the unknown and encourage their students to do the same
  • They take a logical approach to their subject and encourage the same in their students
  • Keys to successful teaching
    • Knowledge, logic, self-control, clarity, intelligence, principle
the green student
The Green Student
  • The Gold Student Performs Best when working independently
  • They are perceived as “intellectuals”
  • They love to explore abstract concepts
  • They enjoy being recognized for their academic accomplishments
  • They enjoy a choice of assignments
  • They have a great need to be challenged
  • They are curious and driven to seek new knowledge and understanding
the green classroom
The Green Classroom
  • Teacher Role
    • Facilitator, mentor, “content expert”
  • Classroom Physicality
    • Desks in pods or tables, technology is all around, learning centers or hands-on activities
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Questions to be answered, problems to be solved
    • Slogans like “What if…?”
  • Student Work
    • Collaborative Assignments, Individual projects, Independent Studies, long-term projects with timelines
if your brightest color is orange
If your brightest color is Orange
  • Your Strength is Skillfulness
    • Adventure is your middle name
    • You are a risk-taker, but a confident risk-taker
    • You love the freedom to take immediate action
  • You love to be center stage
    • You are a natural entertainer
    • You are a master negotiator
    • You are light-hearted and love to have fun
  • Charming, witty, funny—you create excitment
the orange teacher
The Orange Teacher
  • The Orange Teacher is Action Oriented
    • They promote freedom of expression and spontaneity in their students
  • They prefer dynamic programs and advocate hands-on instruction
  • Their favored instructional techniques
    • Projects, games, demonstrations, contests, minimize formal lectures
  • Keys to successful teaching
    • Variety, Performance, Freedom to act, Skill, Fun, Expediency
the orange student
The Orange Student
  • The Orange Student is very active and performs best when a sense of competition is present
  • They excel in games and hands-on activities
  • They prefer non-structured learning and find great fulfillment in immediately using something they have learned
  • They thrive on choice of assignments
  • They learn best when they can apply to the real world what they have learned in school
  • They love to be center stage and perform for others
the orange classroom
The Orange Classroom
  • Teacher Role
    • Initiator of fun, referee, master of ceremonies
  • Classroom Physicality
    • Open space for activities, lots of props and supplies for projects and games, technology
  • Bulletin Boards
    • Pictures of adventurous activities, open-ended questions
    • Slogans like “Go for it!” “Winners Never Quit”
  • Student Work
    • Collaborative Assignments, games, competitions, plays, music, outdoor activities
think about these questions
Think about these questions:
  • What can I do that is “ORANGE” for my students?
  • What can I do that is “GOLD” for my students?
  • What can I do that is “GREEN” for my students?
  • What can I do that is “BLUE” for my students?
as we move through the rest of the day
As we move through the rest of the day…
  • Remember the “colors” at play on your team and in your discussion groups
  • Be open to others
  • Listen carefully and react thoughtfully
  • Enjoy the intellectual “debates” to come!