leak detection program on niue island s water resource l.
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Leak Detection Program On Niue Island’s Water Resource. Case Study. Vision. To provide good quality, adequate, continuous and a sustainable supply of water to the people of Niue Island. Niue Island Water Resource.

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  • To provide good quality, adequate, continuous and a sustainable supply of water to the people of Niue Island.
niue island water resource
Niue Island Water Resource
  • Niue’s public water supply is dependent upon an underground freshwater reserve. There is no surface water on the Island.
  • The groundwater resource consists of a ‘lens’ that lies 60 meters below ground level and this is floating on the sea water. Less porous limestone on the outer edge of the island restricts lateral flow of fresh water into the sea.
  • The water quality of the lens is naturally suitable for drinking and it is piped untreated to all villages. About 85% of the water pumped is for domestic use, 10% for agriculture use and 5% is available for industrial use. Due to the fact that Niue is facing a population decline, consumers are not charged for water use.
issues on niue island water supply

Issues on Niue Island Water Supply

Water Supply is unreliable

Water Demand exceeds supply

All Water Pumps working at full capacity –

possibility of over pumping

Public reservoir remains empty leading to water being supplied direct to consumers; vulnerable during cyclone seasons.

High power consumption cost for all pumps operating 24 hrs

con t
  • Insufficient water reaching many end of the line consumers
  • Waste and sewage disposal systems inadequate
  • Inexperienced workforce in the Water Supply Division
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Lack of Regulation and Policies on Water resource
  • Lack of funds to carry out the operation
issues were address by
Issues were Address by-
  • Monitoring power consumption on all water pumps
  • House to house Inspection around the Island - repairs to all leaking water fittings
  • Installation of Float Valves on household water tanks to prevent overflowing
  • Installation of Automatic Float Valves on Public Water Tanks
  • Repair leaking water fittings on Public water Supply System
main contributor to water wastage
Main Contributor to Water wastage

Source of leakage Total number of leakage Estimated percentage of total

found on initial identified and repairs water wastage

leak detection



Taps 661 35

Toilet cistern 208 30

Domestic pipe-work 207 10

Overflowing domestic tanks 35 5

Overflowing village reservoir 9 15

Leakage on Public Water 5 5

Supply System

As shown above Leaking Taps and running toilet cistern were the main contributor of water wastage.

  • Savings in annual power consumption was in excess of $50,000.00, Also it reduce fuel used for generating electricity.
  • Increase the Operational life of all pumps
  • Water Reservoir were full and the water supply to consumers is reliable; the reservoirs can supply consumers up to three day if pump fails
  • The results of the work done has been used as a tool for awareness programs
on going strategy to maintain the system
On-going Strategy to maintain the System
  • Maintain monitoring of monthly power consumption on all water pumps
  • Maintain monthly preventative maintenance program
  • Continue with fast response to report of leaks from public
  • Continue with community awareness programs
major outstanding issues on niue water resource
Major Outstanding Issues on Niue Water Resource
  • Creation of Water Utility GIS- Currently undertaken and is not completed
  • Monitoring of the Water Quality
  • Modeling for sustainable catchments yields- identify the quantity and the direction of the outflow
  • All of the above requires funding and expertise to be carried out.