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STAFF BRAND BRIEF 04 th May 2012 Marketing & Sales Department PowerPoint Presentation
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STAFF BRAND BRIEF 04 th May 2012 Marketing & Sales Department

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STAFF BRAND BRIEF 04 th May 2012 Marketing & Sales Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STAFF BRAND BRIEF 04 th May 2012 Marketing & Sales Department. TELECOMMUNICATION SITE BUILD (Briefing Session) INF/TEN/0191 13 March 2014. Agenda items. Supply Chain Management presentation. STAFF BRAND BRIEF 04 th May 2012 Marketing & Sales Department.

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Presentation Transcript


04th May 2012

Marketing & Sales Department



13 March 2014


Agenda items

  • Supply Chain Management presentation


04th May 2012

Marketing & Sales Department

2. Facilities Management presentation

3. SHEQ presentation

4. Project Management presentation

5. Closing


SCM presentation

Key dates

Key Required documents

S D Committement

  • A 35% is a pre-requisite before evaluation, service provider will need to committee on this %, which will be a monitoring tool during implementation and will further form part of the resulting contract.
  • RFP issue date is 28 February 2014
  • Briefing session date is 13 March 2014
  • Closing date for questions is 18 March 2014
  • Closing date for Bid submission is 27 March 2014 @ 12h00
  • No late bids will be accepted
  • Valid BBBEE Certificate
  • Valid and Original Tax clearance certificate
  • Confidentiality Agreement – Annexure E
  • SBD 4 Declaration of Interest – Annexure F
  • Bill of material - Annexure H
  • Supplier Development Value Summary – Annexure J
  • Compliance Sheet – Annexure K

Appointment of a panel of services providers for 3

years framework agreement


The appropriate FA:



  • Depending on the business requirement Infraco may need a supplier/s with a national footprint
  • There are different variables that could regulate a national contract including but not limited to region and availability




  • Regional FA’s are in support of Infraco’s procurement policy regarding supplier development initiatives
  • Regional FA’s support local businesses and have benefits ranging from lower logistics costs and regional improvements


  • Single appointment will be based on minimum site . The normal procurement process will be followed when awarding to a single or multiple suppliers


Number of suppliers


  • Where the requirement/s is /are urgent and there is a number of sites that need to be build, Infraco will appoint a number of service providers to speed-up the build program.

Business approach

Framework Agreements

Single Supplier:

Multiple Suppliers:

  • Some of the key components of a single supplier FA are:
  • An agreed upon fixed price list prior to entering into the agreement
  • If there is an agreed upon volume to the agreement, Infraco need to ensure that the appropriate exist clauses are included in the contract
  • Due to the risk Infraco take when contracting with a single supplier, the relevant penalty clauses need to be included in the contract and enforced where necessary
  • The FA creates a faster turn around time for procurement but does not limit Infraco to procuring from the sole supplier
  • Some of the key components of a multiple supplier FA are:
  • Business will be awarded on a rotational basis in order to support the notion of developing and entrenching Infraco’s supply chain
  • Infraco need to ensure agreed rates with the multiple suppliers (preferably where the rates are the same)
  • If the rates differ, Infraco needs to:
  • Enter into negotiations and/or;
  • Distribute the business on a percentage basis to ensure that they are not subject to a premium
  • The core benefit of a FA is the ability to call-off as and when required


national site network coverage
Broadband Infraco’s National Long Distance Network covers most major cities and towns and all nine provinces.National Site (network) Coverage
  • 154 operational sites:
  • National coverage;
  • 10m x 15m (7x4) & 10m x 10m (4x4);
  • Types: containers, Transnet/Neotel/3rd Party building to Data Centre
covered in the framework
Covered in the Framework
  • Establish a completely new site (container & building where needed)
  • Renovation/improvement of current sites: replacement of mesh fence, etc
  • Attend to any repairs/maintenance issues: stolen earth system, etc
areas to cover
Areas to Cover
  • Demolition, excavation & trenching
  • Install sleeves, pole/s, drawboxes, electrical cables
  • Electrify site between municipality/Eskom/3rd Party & container
  • Install a complete earthing system
  • Design, manufacture, transport & install galvanised palisade/rebar
  • Build concrete structures like ramps, retainer wall, plinth, drainage system, etc
expected to before after implementation
Expected to (before & after Implementation):

1. Travel nationally in order to:

  • Conduct detail survey
  • Establish site specific conditions (soil, need for EIA, etc)
  • Design site & get drawings approved
  • Generate quotation

2. Acquire permission from munic/owner/etc for:

  • To remove/demolition/cut trees, etc
  • Use/connect to certain facilities or resume work, etc

3. Rectify any outstanding issues raised at site acceptance meeting including the rehabilitation of the site.

4. Develop & submit an As-Built file with the ff. minimum items:

  • Test results – soil compaction, plinth strength, earthing, galvanising
  • Updated drawing
  • Acquired approvals
  • Other project & SHEQ related requirements
changes to spec
Changes to Spec
  • No kerb stones
  • Perimeter fence foundation
  • 32mm sleeve
  • Vegetation clearance beyond site
  • Ripper razor – diamond mesh
  • A project management plan is theplanning document, capturing the entireproject end-to-end, covering all project phases, from initiation through planning, execution and closure.

Body of Knowledge

  • Overview: Why the project is being conducted and its primary objectives 
  • Scope Management: Business needs, requirements, deliverables, constraints and work breakdown structure 
  • Schedule Management: Activities schedule and project milestones 
  • Costs Management: Project budget and its funding approach
  • Quality Management: Quality measurement and control approach
  • HR Management: The people working on the project, their roles and responsibilities 
  • Communication Management: Communication type, channels and the reporting approach 

Body of Knowledge Conti…

  • Risks Management: Risk index, methods to identify and evaluate risks, risk mitigation and contingency planning
  • Procurements Management: Required procurements and purchase processes
  • Change Management: Procedures used to track changes in the project 
  • Project Closure: Closure approach, including the deliverables hand-off protocol 
sheq requirements
SHEQ Requirements
  • S.H.E Plans
    • Safety Plan

2. Health Plan

3. Environmental Plan

s h e appointments
S.H.E Appointments
  • Signed Appointment Letters:
    • 16.1 Appointment

2. 16.2 Appointments

3. 17.2 Appointments

    • GAR 7 Appointments(valid certificate to be attached)

5. All Relevant CR Appointments.

  • Valid Certificate of Good Standing(s 89)-Compensation Fund
risk aspect impact assessment
Risk/ Aspect Impact Assessment
  • A site specific Aspect Impact/ Risk assessment is required, outlining specific Risks and hazard, taking into account BBI work environment.
s h e procedure
S.H.E Procedure
  • Documented SHE procedures(ISO 1400/OHASAS 18001)
  • At least 3.
quality management system iso 9001
Quality Management System-ISO 9001
  • Quality Manual – Requirement.