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Sales and Marketing Executive PowerPoint Presentation
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Sales and Marketing Executive

Sales and Marketing Executive

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Sales and Marketing Executive

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  1. Ty Daugherty 5/8/14 2nd Hour Career Tech Foundation Sales and Marketing Executive

  2. Introduction • Sales and Marketing executive accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans; implementing sales plans; managing staff. • "It's always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting.“ – Albert Einstein . The average salary range is from $12,000 to $26,000 per year. But nationally marketing managers can expect to start salaries at $20,000 and increasing to as much as $100,000+ with a extensive experience, education and responsibilities. • The reason why I got into this career is because my uncle has this job and it interest me a lot, he also gets to travel to a lot of places for free and fly first class. • The things I will be researching on this career would be the average hours and places that hire these type of people.

  3. Nature of work • responsibility of the Sales Manager to distribute every incoming enquiry to the most appropriate person. • To event manage and wherever possible up sell sponsors and events. • Set up a sales budget with the Operations and each individual General Manager for each financial year. • To build strong working relationships with the front and back management. • To implement and manage a sales plan for each financial year.

  4. Working Conditions • Sales and Marketing Executive is a mental and indoor working place. This career is a mental environment because you have to use your brain to calculate all the sales which is a lot of mathematics. It is also a indoor working place because what sales marketer is going to sit outside on the beach and make sales? Average hours to work at this type of career would be 2,229 Hours a year. The type of environment you would have as a sales and marketing executive would be a happy/good attitude environment.

  5. Education • You will need a bachelors degree to become a sales and marketing executive which is 4 years in college. I plan on going to University of Michigan. The type of classes that I would take in high school are going to be marketing, the school store, maybe accounting but most likely going to take the first 2.

  6. Job Outlook • The employment rate of this career really differs on where you would like to work like for example Great Britain employs around 1,000,000 sales and marketing. I believe that the rate of this career openings are rising because of all the people looking for good jobs. I want to find a job outside of Michigan most likely a warm state I cant stand winter so that will work out for me. A business/place I desire to work at would be to work at Google.

  7. $ • My lifestyle goals are to have a family, kids, a really nice car that makes people jealous, and a big house. The average earnings for this is $50,000-$100,000 a year. Yes, this does fit my goals because if I do good enough then I could complete everything I ever wanted. My first purchase with these earnings would be the car I always wanted.

  8. Related occupation • My backup career if this one doesn’t plan out is to work at apple stores. The responsibilities of this career is to know technology like the back of your hand. The working conditions are surrounded by positive people to make your day brighter. The training for this is easy class to learn about all the products. The earnings of this backup career is the same as my first career. I chose this career because every time I go into the store everybody looks like they are having a great time.

  9. Summary • My feelings about these careers are high I believe I have enough education or am getting enough education to get one of these careers. The one thing I look forward to is getting to earn money, what I'm not looking forward to is having to worry about getting laid off. My learning experience overall I think will be amazing and will get me these jobs that I want.

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